MotorMavens - Julie MAi and Jeannie Bell

Irwindale, CA - Julie MAi (not sure why MAi, but not Mai, but then I guess she is unique!) was very popular in the show that many photographers loved to take pictures of her. She is tall and very athletic looking. According to Urban Dictionary, if that entry is indeed her, Julie is a super cool gal!!

Jeannie Bell was feeling experimental, and so were we! (That is one good tip we will provide below. ) And the results are pretty good given the evening lighting condition... Kudos!

[TIP] If there were not too many people, and the model was bored, ask if she would like to do more interesting poses, and experiment a bit. It will bring fun to everybody!
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MotorMavens - Mariah Longo & Corinne Doherty

Irwindale, CA - Castrol has hired two amazing models for their booth promotion. One is Mariah Longo here. She has really good memory and talked to us about her SEMA experience as the Hankook model this year. She also was generous about giving out promotional products, even though the give-away pens did not work well... Nonetheless, the good-will generosity was well felt...

As the sun set, the chance of Mariah in her pure white uniform went slimmer for our camera. However, it did not deter us to capture the great work she has done here!

Now with her promotional partner at scene, Corinne Doherty, what a great combination!

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AutoCon Show - Model Lineup

Los Angeles, CA - From the event organizer, for the upcoming 12/11/Saturday AutoCon event, here are the models that you should expect in the show. We have to say, it's a pretty good showing. And also the show has a very good cause, supporting "Toys for Tots". Very cool!!

Here is the web site:

Here is the model line up (as of this writing)
Tiffani Shaik
Christine Zegers
Julie Mai
Raichelle Viado
Eva Skye
Nicole-Marie Reckers
Jennifer Ta
Kay Bae
Claudia Judith Moran
Lyna Ly Sparks
Honey Jo
Jewelyn TamSing
Tracy Linh
Amy Fay
Tanya Love
Lin Shiaoshan

MotorMavens - Jewelyn

Irwindale, CA - At the far far end of the vendor section of the show, there is the highest model density booth in the whole show. You can see roughly 7 - 10 models in that booth, and they are all very happy to see everybody!

Jewelyn is a personable and photogenic model who would warm your heart and lighten up your lens...

She can be your friend in less than 5 seconds, and it's highly appreciated!! What a great quality of a model!

[TIP] It looks like the sun is rising here as the light is stronger and stronger... Actually it's the aperture opening. Therefore, you can make the day and night difference at your finger tip, literally...
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