Babe Expo - Natlia Marie, Maya Michelle, Gina Darling and Elissa Alva

Hollywood, CA - Natalia Marie is super smart, creative and outside-the-box. But here she was showing her softer and lyrical side of the modeling...

Maya Michelle has a super cool attitude toward the show. She was so comfortable there, that it's like her kitchen, or family room, or whichever room she is comfortable. I bet she could balance her checkbook, make dental appointments, and write a book all at the same time there...

We really did not know Gina Darling before the show. Her eye-catching eyes sparkle like fairy dusts. She has that Asian subtleness blended with western boldness, which is a cool combined uniqueness...

We love to see Elissa Alva again!!

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Babe Expo - Christine Mendoza, Beckie Joon, Alicia Whitten

Hollywood, CA - Babe Expo gathered a tremendous amount of talents here, packed in a cozy lounge bar, with great showing.

Christine Mendoza always has a great crowd pleasing appearance. When you talk to her, it's like chatting with a friend, very comfortable...

Uh, we caught her at her lunch, we guess... Haha. And proves yet again that models do eat!!

The event happened during a pre-Halloween season time, so Beckie was all suited up for the occasion. She was easily one of the best cosutme dressed model there.

Here seductress eyes gave every camera a good dosage of sexiness.

Alicia Whitten is the evergreen in the scene. However, we did not see her nunchuk, or yet...

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Babe Expo - Dianna Lushus, Elissa Alva

Hollywood, CA - Dianna Lushus has a pair of super intriguing eyes. The bright blue like Hope Diamond in her eyes draw you in to her inner world...

And Dianna is always camera friendly and conversationally personable, a very cool model!

Elissa Alva wore a white wife-beater that has that Brando feminine look, decorated with her bright smile!

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Babe Expo - Sahar Khadjenoury and Models

Hollywood, CA - Sahar Khadjenoury does not go to every auto shows like many models do. In fact, we only have glimpses of her in the passing few events. Nonetheless, her presence in Babe Expo was striking and alluring!

When she looked back at us, it's as if nothing matters...

Tracy Nova was having a great time!

Ruth Izabella always looks super cute!

Gina Darling is a great attention-magnet!

Sahar Khadjenoury and Maya Michelle

Beckie Joon's colors are as gorgeous as her.

Alicia Whitten and Nicole Marie were doing the network thing... Very cool!

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