2010 Miss Redline Time Attack Finals

Fontana CA -

Miss Redline Las Vegas, Jei Lynn looked super amazing as always!

Miss Redline Spring Mountain, Genevieve Chanelle was happily signing her love to her fans!

Tiffany Tay was wondering what's going on behind the line of fans...

Miss Redline Sonoma, Summer Chaplin had a great smile for us!

Miss Redline New Jersey Rachel Hoglen was ready to give us a signed poster!

Smile + smile!

Miss Redline Chicago Cailin Mendes was really happy to enjoy the warm Southern Cal weather here...

Miss Redline California Speedway, Michelle Farias showed us the two sides of beauty.

And the very lovely Miss Redline Time Attack and spokesmodel, Novella Nikita!!

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2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Nicole Marie, and Cathy Sierra

Fontana, CA - The vendor gathering was not the greatest in amount, but they sure made it up with great models. Therefore, we will have more extended coverage of the three graces, Nicole Marie, Kay Bae, and Cathy Sierra.

Nicole Marie is rising fast in the import modeling world. The first time we met her was at the Spocom super show back in the Summer this year (2010). She sure has come up strong ever since. We love to provide more coverage in the future!

The three graces are gracing the Tracwarp car's hood...

As the sun sets down more, the mood got a bit warmer too...

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2010 (Nov) Redline Time Attack - Nicole Marie, Kay Bae, Cathy Sierra

Fontana, CA - When you have three cool and gorgeous models tangled together, it spells FUN!! Kay Bae (left), Cathy Sierra (middle), and Nicole Marie (right) were promoting Tracwarp's products while ignited some heated crowd there.


They were a bit like the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history, talking about alliances and isolation, in a good sense here though!!

Cathy Sierra + Nicole Marie

Kay Bae here

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