SEMA 2010 - BIG WOW!!

Las Vegas - Okay, if anybody knows how to appreciate excellent promotional models, it has to be the tires and wheels guys. They collectively brought out the best, the boldest, the exquisite, and most provocative promotional models and activities to the show. No words, just judge by yourself!

(33A) Pirelli Models!!! They never fail us!

(33B) Harmony Moniz for 2 Crave

(34) Mariah Longo and Corinne Doherty from Hankook

(35) Ashley Harris for Rennen International @ DUB show

(36) Model from Giovanna

(37) Jenny Ladner for CEC Wheels

(38) Challis Taylor for Vossen

(39) Alexia Cortez for Anzo

(40) Corissa Furr for Anzo

(41) Esther Hanuka + Monica Bailey for Diablo USA

(42) Jennifer Frechette from K&N

(43) Jenny Chu!!

(44) Kim Headrick for Turn Key Engine Supply

(45) Melissa Riso for Performance Auto & Sound Magazine

(46) Monique May and Model for Axis

(47) Nicole Marie for 3T Motorsport

(48) Randyl Dawn for Falken Tire

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SEMA 2010 - Extra Extra (2)

Las Vegas - This is the continuation of the great SEMA 2010 Promotional Models Field Reportage.

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Amanda Gift for Mazdaspeed has a classy and sexy turtleneck top. She definitely got the Mazda racing brand out loud and bright! Great job Amanda!
(19) Amanda Gift from MazdaSpeed

At Oracle, not the computer company Oracle, Tiffani Hartenstein and her partner were so lively at the show that brightened up the booth very much! Great job!
(20) Models from Oracle

At Got2b Wireless, The two models, again a blonde and a brunette, showed us how cool the company's offerings are.
(21) Models from Got2b Wireless

The wonderful model in Eleven International / Clazzio, showed us the company's soft cushion seat that has style and substance.
(22) Model from Eleven International / Clazzio

Oh, our records skip a bit and this is the other model that was with Amanda Gift at Mazdaspeed.
(23) Model from MazdaSpeed

The folks from WD-40 brought us a stunning and professional model here. Not only she did a great job in highlighting the company's product, she also reminded us about the other company modeling activities at the show. She is definitely a high-performer!! Very cool!
(24) Model from WD-40

These two ladies from Boy Toys HD came up from nowhere, but definitely caused some raised eyebrows.
(25) Models from Boy Toys HD

The model from Thermacor Inc. actually looked very sharp at the booth. Very cool!
(26) Model from Thermacor Incorporated

The models from Ultra Lube did an excellent job there! Not only they attracted many people's attentions, they directed the attention to the company's brand and products. Great job showing the products here!

Jessie Geneva looked really perky and brought everybody a smile there!
(27) Jessie Geneva from Ultra Lube

Uh, we did not catch her name this time... There is always a tomorrow!!
(28) Model #2 from Ultra Lube

Halek was proudly showing the company's catch phrase "Get Your Boner's Here". Great job!!
(29) Halek from Boner

Callie Yeager was showing "Zexx Auto Cologne Wax", which sounds very exotic! But then the company is from Canada. We love Canada!!
(30) Callile Yeager from Zexx Auto Cologne Wax
We really like to know that "??" in the disappearing ?? We have to say that the curvature is too great to it requires a 3D capture instead.
(31) Model from ??

Sara Pilato from Kinetik helped us to conclude this Extra Extra coverage.
(32) Sara Pilato from Kinetik

Tell us which model and her uniform gets your vote!! Please leave us a comment which one you picked!!

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SEMA 2010 - Extra Extra (1)

Las Vegas - Extra! Extra!! Extra!!! SEMA 2010 Promotional Models Field Reports are here!! There are so many of them, we have to break them into a two-parts coverage.

Foremost, SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is HUGE!! They are like the CES of car aftermarkets (and both are held at Las Vegas Convention Center.) It's a super serious trade show that only opens to the people in the trade, no general public admission. And in this serious/technical/gigantic trade show, promotional models are equivalently well represented. They are not as dressy (or stiff) as in Detroit or LA Auto Shows, but they carry more affiliations to the vendors and their products than the local car shows.

Extra's Extra: We also like to borrow this event to have our first Model of the Show Contest!! Please leave us a comment to say which models would deserve your votes!! Show your love by showing your support!!

Here is the two-part quick overview of the wonderful promotional models in the SEMA 2010!

In the Exedy booth, they unveiled the new uniform to the crowd. It's HOT! And you can see Lea Anne P. smiling brightly there, even though she was in great pain! That's what we call professional!
(1) Lea Anne P from Exedy

As well as Ashley Labady with her Car Coach! She is fighting a cold, but still showng up fresh and pretty. Very cool!

(2) Ashley Labady from Exedy

and with Celeste, who is like a happy fairy in the show, the three musketeers are super amusing to say the least!! Great job Exedy!

(3) Celeste and the company from Exedy

Megan Racing also pull in a great talent to the booth.

(4) Megan Racing Model

This is like 5% of the SEMA show there... Imagine the other 95% with the same amount of crowd and vendors...

Sarah Reams for Pureflow Technologies Inc. showed us the key parts of a big monster truck!
(5) Sarah Reams from Pureflow

Yukon Gear & Axle have two stunning models in the booth signing their posters. They certainly drew a crowd and a line and attention to the booth there!
(6) Yukon Models

Pilot has a clean look set up.
(7) Pilot Model

Nay Chutima at NRG Innovations and Genius Tools has a wonderful cool look that got people's attention.
(9) Nay Chutima from NRG Innovations and Genius Tools

JETdry Express has the model in a flowy dress. That's a great design to show case the effectiveness of the products. Great job!
(10) JETdry Express Model

Uh, unknown models in an unknown vendor booth, a failure of reportage practice...
(11) Unknown models at unknown booth

At EAGLE Abrasive, Vanessa Lotero showed her soft and gentle smile that is a great contrast of the products that the company is showing.
(12) Vanessa Lotero at EAGLE Abrasive

At SondPex Audio, both models were so friendly to the press (us)...
(13) SondPex Model #1
(14) SondPex Model #2

We have to say, DriveNTalk from South Korea has hired some of the top talents in the industry. Not only their booth is big, the three models are amazing looking and so is the uniform. They are definitely one of the top contender for the best promotional models in SEMA 2010 this year.
Michael Tiffany (at least it's so titled in the badge) is the first model here.
(15) Michael Tiffany from DriveNTalk

Then James Melanie (uh, this is also on her badge) looks pure stunning in both the look and showcasing the the uniform. She definitely left a big impression of the company's brand!
(16) James Melanie from DriveNTalk

Carli McKayleigh (I believe this is her real model name...) is just being awesomely wonderful there. All vendors and magazines should check out her modelmayhem profile here! She has really cool resume and great portfolio!!
(17) Carli McKayleigh from DriveNTalk

At the same time of SEMA, there is a DUB show outside the convention center. We caught two models there, but none others were in sight... Hmmm, it's so not like DUB...
(18) Models from DUB/Pioneer

History Channel's new show "TopGear" pulled a great stunt that you get a chance to ride in a super + super luxury cars, like Lamborghini or Ferrari, or Corvette, or ..., well you get the idea...
Very cool!!

(Sorry cars are not eligible models...)

Please stay tuned for Part 2!! And don't forget to vote by leaving your comments below!!

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