BabeExpo is Coming

BabeExpo is coming! BabeExpo is coming! Definitely check out these awesome models there!!

Please stay tuned for the BabeExpo coverage!!

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FD Irwindale - NOS Models - Last but Not the Least

Here is the last but not the least at all batch of the NOS models from the Formula Drift event in Irwindale this year. In conclusion, NOS really packed a huge punch for the show, and other vendors should also consider following the suit, because you will get so much coverage in the media that is really effective!

Anna is looking amazing here!! She is so amicable and talented, definitely a true ambassador for the brand, or any brand!

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FD Irwindale - Lea Anne P, NOS, And Exedy

Okay, one more coverage of NOS models, because they are soooo many!!

Andy had us do a instant car+model fashion shoot. She totally showed us how to do it easily under the huge big burning hot sun! Great job Andy!

Lea Anne and Celeste were the first models that greeted the crowd when they walked into the vendor main area. At the end of the give away at that hour, they were posing like two very + very cute cubs playing with each other. Mega cute!!

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Formula Drift Irwindale - Helen, Katrina, Corissa and Hankook and NOS and 0-60 Magazine!

Helen and Katrina are such great models that have heavenly beauty with fairy like magic. They definitely made Hankook looking super good!!

Not sure who this model is... (another note to remember to record the name next time!!), but she sure has long legs!!

Corissa Furr is always + always looking amazing!! This time looking amazing for 0-60 Magazine!!


Now the Hankook team!!

Then back to the NOS team...

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