FD Irwindale - Nexen, Spider Energy, DirectTV, Melyssa Grace

The NEXEN girls were so welcoming and accommodating that would make you feel like you are doing a studio shoot right there. That's what we called dedication and professionalism! Kudos!!

Spider Energy??? Interesting name... Interesting models...

Not sure which channel she was for, but I saw DirectTV logo on her mic... Fellow media team!

Melyssa Grace may wear a bit more conservative, but her hot personality and amazing beauty could not be hidden!! Always a great job, Melyssa!!

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Corissa Furr for 0-60 Magazine, Katrina and Michelle for Hankook

Corissa, as mentioned before, is always a super model that you want to photograph, to chat with, to feel her warm friendliness. Her dedication, hardworking, perfectionism, and being down-to-earth just make her the model of models. Our hats' off to her!! Keep it up Corissa!

This time, she represented 0-60 Magazine and definitely brought in a lot of traffic there!

We saw some new faces here!

Katrina and Michelle were with Hankook, looking great in their uniforms!

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FD Irwindale - Formula Drift Underestimate and Nexen Tire

The model from Formula Drift Underestimate is super cool and super cute! In the show, she stood out in the crowd, and had that anime style hair style and sunglasses. Great job!!

Nexen Tire models were great to shoot with.

Elysha was super cool! She has those catching eyes that you cannot pry yourself away when you talk to her. Wow!

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FD Irwindale - NOS, Hankook, Cooper, Dstroyr

You can see the vendor investments from the models that they hired. NOS is coming out like a sledge hammer that showcased a dozen of amazing and wonderful and hardworking models! You will see many + many of them in the next several coverages!


The models from Dstroyr are very cute. Added a fresh of air to the modeling scene.

And she knew how to do her job right. Kudos!

Michelle and Katrina in Hankook Tires were very happy at the show, despite the super hot weather. Their warm smiles can melted anybody's heart!

Cooper Tires took a girl-next-door approach. Both models are like the friends that you may have and hang out with...

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