New Sheriff in Lexani Show

In the Lexani show, we spotted an interesting scene. In this dry land of the wild + wild + really wild west here, it's nice to see a cute, tall, lean, slender, and lingerie-clad local law enforcement authority impersonation in a show. She certainly brought a fresh of air to the hard metal and hot rod event.

She is flashing her badge, literally...

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Shay Maria and models in Lexani

Shay Maria is part of the Nikkiz modeling group. This is the first time in our magazine. We also spotted her in the VW Jamboree later on. I am sure that we will see her more in the future.

Extreme Autofest models were happily posing to all the photographers there, on and on and on...

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Jacquelyn Jay for Europrojekt in RPM (Part 2)

Jacquelyn Jay demonstrated the all American beauty by some summer fun poses. Through this series, you can see that she is both an animated girl-next-door and an engaging super model!

We have to comment on this photo, because you can appreciate the beautiful legs that are not too lean, not too muscular, but very well toned and athletic! Great job Jacquelyn!

Keep up the good job, Jacquelyn!!

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Jacquelyn Jay for Europrojekt in RPM

You can say that Jacquelyn Jay is the all american girl next door that you saw in the TV shows during the 70's. Her big bright smile, and sunny glittering eyes, and athletic physique and happy and lucky personality are just full of clues in her radiant presence!

She was one of the most dedicated models in the show to show her sponsor's brand out there. That's what we call professionalism and dedication!

She is like a girl that you wish you have that can play football with, drink beers with, tell jokes with, or ride bikes with... Haha.

More to come tomorrow!
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