Raichelle V and Dianna Lushus

Raichelle V never fails to give a perfect pose!! Just simply standing there showing her cool tattoo on her back, she demonstrated her genius in being a great model!

We have seen Dianna Lushus several times before, but never got the chance to really do a nano-shoot-session at the show. This time, we are very happy that we did one and she looks spectacular! Her mysterious eyes, succulent smiles, and graceful poses would melt your heart and make you dream. Great work Dianna!!

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Maureen Chen and Ivy Chung

Maureen Chen looks super gorgeous here! She is here helping to promote itsjdmyo.com. She definitely has a different style than other models in the SoCal import model style. She has that slight dark secret look in her bright sunny smile... Haha. Very cool!

I think she saw me here...

Ivy Chung is a wonderful hard working girl. She sat right next to Maureen and they paired as a great dynamic duo!

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Nicky at RPM

Nicky is a super sweet model in the RPM show. She has that refreshing smile and a friendly personality! We first met her at Spocom earlier this year, and she immediately captured many photographers' attention. At the RPM show, Nicky really showed how good she can make the car next to her look good.

This picture somehow reminds me of Selena Gomez for some unknown reason...

Her heart goes out to everybody!!! Say "Heart!"

We would love to see her again and again!!

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Nisei Week Los Angeles

This year's Nisei Week is a packed with show goers, but the number of models there was a bit weak. The location is at the Little Tokyo parking lot in Los Angeles. But this year, the city Gold Line lightrail system added a new train station right next to the parking lot, it's like a heavenly sent bonus! It made people coming to Little Tokyo much easier!
Sophia Lin and Angela are looking very good here! We haven't seen Sophia for a long while, and we've never seen Angela either! Cool start!

Maureen Chen with itsjdmyo (aka It's JDM Yo!!!!) looking really good!

Raichelle V is looking good again...

Diannalushus looks amazing here!

Malaya Diaz has a rare appearance here!!

Chrissa is a great surprise in this show and she came out full force!

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