Ashley Labady

Ashley was looking great at the RPM event! Her red top is so eye catching that you can spot her far away, in addition to the crowd that she unintentionally gathered when she was around cars.

Ashley and her buddy friend Amanda were have fun, a lot of fun, at the show... :-)

Now with a killer outfit!!

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Mai Tran

We have not seen Mai Tran for like a year now. It's such a pleasant surprise to see her here at the RPM show. She always looks cool, and refreshing, and tropical, and..., like in a rainforest... :-)

Not sure which car club or vendor this is. However they invited us to come over and do a mini shoot with their rainbow gamut line up of nice looking cars. Sweet!

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VW Jamboree @ Irvine CA

VW Jamboree is a petite gem tucked in a sunny breeze weekend, right next to a water park. Even though it's a small gathering, the bikini contest is one of the most impressive ones that we've seen!!

With Corissa Furr as the MC of the the bikini contest, the show was in very good hand. Corissa's always a great, gracious, and groovy hostess! Her mere standing on the stage would incite the crowd like a huge rock concert!

And it's infectious too...

Pam Rodriguez is always a great 1st bikini model in the show.

This is only 1/3 of the whole bikini contest!! A lot more will come!!
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RPM Show in Irvine, CA

RPM show to some degree is a bit like Lexani, that showcased modified cars, and gorgeous models, in a smaller and more petite way... But on the other hand, it has a lot of family suburban feel to it. Cars parked on the grass field, models walking on the soft lawns in high heels (imagine that...), and motorcycle generated all the big noises during the stunt demo. It has a very relaxed and easy feel to it. We begin to like it more and more!

Ashley Labady is always looking cool and stylish!

Ashley Malia flashed a cat-eye smile at us!

Alicia Whitten could not do any wrong pose. Whenever she posed, it's always perfect.

Corrisa Furr always blend a strong high-fashion sense to her wardrobe. She is one of the coolest models to photograph with!

Jacquelyn Jay is showing off her all american girl spirits here!

Joselyn Cano is pleasantly met here again after Spocom!

Mai Tai, long time no see, and soooo happy to see you again!!

Natlia Marie is both super cool and super playful!! A true genius!

Nicole is a great new model to the import world!

Raichelle V is looking great again and again and again...

Shanna was one of the hottest models in the show! For sure!!

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