Spocom Long Beach Bikini Contest

The famous bikini contest of Miss Spocom 2010 Long Beach! So many photos to show here that it will take a few articles to cover it.

Alexia Lei is at her best element when she was on the stage doing the hostess job. She's been doing this in the past several years and she is getting better and better at it now. :-)

Jenny Chu looked stunning here! After you've seen the photos, you will love her for all her great look, energetic nature, and genuine personality!!

Alexia Cortez was showing her great smile and her appreciation to the crowd...

And many more...

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Natalie and Natalia Marie at Spocom

This is truly the art of gogo dacning!! Natalie's beautiful and elegant and artistic and rhythmic and sexy gogo dacncing talents just shows how an art form that it can be. Not only the moves, the postures, the poses, the compositions, everything, just look fantastic!! She is like a gogo dancing angel on stage!

(Uh, don't ask me about the lighting... It wasn't me...)

Natalia Marie also shared the same stage and showed her cool moves!

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Gogo Dancing and Bikini Contest @ Spocom

The gogo dancing at the Spocom Super Show at Long Beach was really cool. Particular one dancer (ugh, did not get her name...) was doing beautifully! Her moves, posture, and elegance was a great show to enjoy!

Natalia Marie was there working hard as well!!

Pam Rodriguez was hosting her own bikini line! Love to see more of those in the future!!

Jamie Michelle Hunter!! Wow!!

Maya Michelle was looking inspired! :-)

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Raichelle Viado and More

Raichelle Viado is a fast rising star that have been in many shows all around. We covered her in the XDC event in Las Vegas, as well as her in the recent Lexani Show.

She can be super cute and playful, and in a second, very sultry and alluring. What a wonderful quality in a model, especially in the import car scene! Keep up the great work Raichelle!!

Layla Lu is somewhat new to the industry, we think. We have not seen her much in the past, so we definitely welcome this new model! Hopefully we will see more of her in the future!

Our bad, we did not get the names of the models here.... If you could identify yourself, we would highly appreciate it! :-)

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