Angela Guerrero has that amazing grace when she posed the camera. The gentle and elegant lines and angles are not easily found in other import model scenes. What a fresh air of beauty, passion, and confidence. Keep up the good work Angela!!

Novella Nikita is a busy model that are very popular especially these days in car shows. She is one of the hardest working models as well! She's truly amazing and always warm! What a model!!

Uh, I really need to check more on my book...

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Angelina Jolie Salt Comic Con

This just in!!!

Angelina Jolie for Salt press conference in Comic Con 2010:

Angelina Jolie is stunning, awesome, gorgeous, stylish, intelligent, and sophisticated, kind, gentle, all in one!! It's amazing how such a super star would have all these great quality in one... Maybe that's what makes her the super star!!

When she entered the room, the whole room just lit up, literally! There were so many flashes fired up, it's like a mini fireworks... Truly a Hollywood moment.

The first showed the trailer of Salt. And it's full of ... CARS!!! That's why we can feature her here... :-) Her heels and flying car wheels are the perfect theme for the magazine's vision!

During the press conference, 80% of the Q&A went to Jolie. Even though she smiled a lot here... :-D

And her smiles are truly contagious!

It was a brief press conference. She exited with Liev Schreiber, but the press just virtually held her back and had her solo pictures taken...

Her middle name must be "cool!!" with an extra exclamation mark!

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And also, for the first time in the magazine publishing history, we have our first video coverage!!! She definitely has super star power on us!! Haha

First one:

Second one:

Yay!! They worked!!! :-) The video floodgate is opened!! Haha

Spocom Super Show Long Beach Models

This would be the last batch of the first-view of Spocom Super Show Long Beach models... They are all so wonderful!!

Angela Guerrero: (web site: )

Gina Tee:

Layla Lu:

Lisa Alexandrea:

Raichelle Viado:


Thai Marie Cali:


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