Camay Dee

Camay Dee has graced our magazine before (see bottom). Her long and lean physique easily gave everybody a lasting impression.

The San Diego gentle breezes are perfect for her beautiful silky hairs...

One of her amazing poses that show just how loooong her legs are! Wow!

We sure hope to see her a lot in the future events! To see more of her from the past, please go to Camay Dee's last year's featured model editorial.
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Alexia Lei, Models, More Models!

Alexia Lei has been Spocom host for their famous bikini + (now) talent contests for as far as I can remember. She is humorous, edgy, and sometimes spiky and made those contests really hot and spicy.

We will see Alexia soon in the Spocom Super show in Long Beach!

Then you see different types of promotional models. Some are super eye candy...

And others took the opposite approach.

Makes your brain really exercise to choose which side to pump more blood to...

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Kyra Oade

Kyra is a very cool model. She is not very tall, but is packed with fire, passion, and amazing talent. When she agreed to pose for me at the booth, she really posed with that Angelina Jolie's power, Madonna's style, and Sophia Loren's seductiveness...

When people notice and gathered and started taking pictures, she was like Neo in Matrix, handling the entire crowd effortlessly!

Keep up the good work Kyra! Love to see you more in the future!

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