Extreme Costume for Extreme Autofest

This model was one of the most eye-catching models during the show. The sheer color and the costume, and the physique and the air around her were just too much for the San Diego sun... Therefore, I gave them a bit dream-like quality feel here...

Even when you was trying to find a loose thread, she looked wonderful!

Even when she was saying to herself "Is someone photographing me???", she looked lively!

Even when she was not walking into the sunset, she looked like she had just finished a big job, won a big race, or created something magnificent...


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Extreme Autofest Show in San Diego

The models from Extreme Autofest San Diego have a different blend than in Los Angeles. They are more carefree and casual spirit, which suits the San Diego weather and culture just perfectly.

Since we are Wheels and Heels Magazine, got to show some nice wheels besides all these wonderful heels... :-)

I really don't know their names... Hopefully next time I will do a better job and actually get the credits properly introduced here...

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Gina Alvarez (2 of 2)

This is the continuation of Gina Alvarez part 1. What an amazing model!!

She reminds me of vivacious summer flowers, blooming with beauty, energy, and life...

Keep up the good work, Gina!!! We love to see more of you in future events!!

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Gina Alvarez (1 of 2)

Gina Alvarez possess a great model presence. Whatever she did and however she posed, she always looked great and the photos came out beautifully.

These are from the Extreme Autofest in San Diego earlier this year. The weather and the breezes and the elegant black dress, all made her look even better! :-)

And these photos are from the XDC back in Irwindale. The soft light under the shadow just made the photo more magical!

More of Gina will come out tomorrow from the same two events! Stay tuned!
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