Jessica Barton - Mini Series 2/3

Following the Jessica Barton Mini Series Coverage, the prior article got a huge response!! Jessica definitely has that super star power for sure!!! So many kudos to give!!

Even when she is in flight on her move, she looks amazing! Now that's beyond professional! That's sage modeling!! Not many models can do that, from my long time observation in the industry... More kudos!!

Wouldn't you vote for her if you were here???!!

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Jessica Barton - Mini Series 1/3

By popular demand, we have a Jessica Barton mini-series over this beautiful and sunny weekend! No matter your weather condition is rainy, cloudy, humid, or even snowy or icy, Jessica's photos from Redline Time Attack will sure make your weekend hot and happy!

She has that Betty Grable's classical pose, but with a modern and more elegant tune to it. Models, if you like to learn some poses for a stage competition, here is the guidebook!

When she was on the platform, she commanded the presence on the stage, from the crowd, and time and space seem to froze for her. Great job!!

You can read all parts of this mini series coverage:

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Jessica Barton and Ashley Malia

Jessica Barton flew all the way out from hot and humid Orlando to hot and dry Fontana! She is such a sunny and bright and super energetic model that made everybody in the crowd feel special! She is totally awesome!

If you think these photos are hot, check out her web pages:

Best of luck! Jessica!!

Then Ashley Malia took a totally different approach! She presents a wild, grunge, and casual tone to showcase the California side! She has those cat-eyes and feline smile, that could easily take your breath away. Definitely check out her profile and photos:

Great work Ashley!! Hopefully we will see her more!! Much more!!

The west coast and east coast rivalry did not just end with Lakers and Celtic, there will be more here!!

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