Redline Time Attack Fontana CA

The Redline Time Attack in Fontana, CA was a small but great event for the W&HM enthusiasts... It had a beauty competition with swimsuit, as well as top models (Miss Jei Lynn, Novella Nikita, Alexia Cortez, Natalia Marie, and others!) and upstart new talents, in a compact and complete package. We should have more like this!! :-)

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LaRonda Kelly

LaRonda Kelly is a very cool model. She is assertive, talented and energetic! Her top shape physique makes her stand out among the models and her talents make her look good anyway she poses.

The beauty contests are usually just parades of gorgeous models and enticing audience's attentions. However, with LaRonda on the stage, you sure will get lasting impressions and would be glad that you come to this place and enjoy the event.

Wish LaRonda a wonderful modeling career!! Keep up the good work!!
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Cecilia @ XDC Las Vegas

Cecilia is a tall, slender, and a very personable blonde model. Not to stereotype, but she is from Sweden, as you may have deducted it. She's been modeling since she was 18, which I guess a very short time...

She has done fashion shows and runways. I think you will never miss her when she's on the stage. She has that commanding presence!

When she's asked what kind of car you would like to get if you have unlimited $$. She said that one! (pointing to a Bentley)!! Very cool!

Cecilia used to race motorcycle too!! When she was "16"!!!! Wow!! What a multi-talented dare-devil model!! That's super cool!

She will be spending some summer time back in home in Sweden. She said that the weather will be rainy, rainy, sun if lucky, and rainy... I think she definitely love Las Vegas weather!

Keep up the good work Cecilia! Hopefully we will see more of you in the future too!!

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Raichelle Viado

Raichelle Viado won the Miss XDC Contest in the Irwindale Round, the first round! That certainly signifies the great career that she has as well as ahead of her.

She is a super genuine, super friendly, super perky, and super hard working girl. She totally deserves all the great credits that she earned and more to come.

She is a kind model that is totally opposite to a diva model. Once you know her, you will feel like you are her best friend. She is super cool!

During the beauty competition, she was dueling with a dude from the audience that has quite "innovative" dance moves. The guy totally outstaged everybody!!

The moves are like radiated-chicken dance... I have to say that Las Vegas is full of talents!! Super cool actually!!

You can find many more Raichelle's photos in the magazine, and you will say, "Wow, she is an amazing model!!" for sure!

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