Majestics Girls

Back by popular demand!! Here are the Majestics Girls again!!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Start of the Summer, Everybody!!

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Lowrider Magazine Show - San Bernardino - Misc Scenes

This article is dedicated to the various scenes in the show.

I think her name is Jess. She has a "California Lowride Scene Carshow" patch on her back. I guess I had to take obligatory photos of it, and the beautiful model who presented it... :-)

Nowadays, floater models are like race cars, full of advertisements or brand names... I think the next step is temporary tattoos or body stickers like they do in Asia...

Now we are talking about legs, long legs!

Don't you feel safe that there were hair polices walking around ensuring local civility of top dos of guys and gals. I am sure everyone would be thrilled to be handcuffed and flash that mug shot smile...

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Emma Cortez + Royal Fantasies Car Club

Despite the big sun at the top of the sky, scorching every body, every car and every ice cream, Emma showed no sign of quitting.

She did a mini-series shoot with the cars from the Royal Fantasies Car Club. Royal Fantasies Car Club was established in 1988. They are the major power in the lowrider scene, here in Southern California. They have their own annual event as well! Hopefully we will do more coverage in the future!

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Majestics Los Angles Girls - Low Rider Magazine Show

The Majestics Los Angles girls are truly majestic! They were the very highlight of the event in promotional modeling. Whenever they went, the cameras never stopped.

It does kill me that I did not get the name of this model so that I can provide proper credit... She does deserve it 200%!!

Nikki DeRego always look great!! Here is a link to a previous coverage of Nikki in DUB show San Bernardino.

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