Wheels And Heels Mag - Helen Fancik

Helen is always great to meet, especially in the Hankook booth. Her bright smile and sparkling eyes match the orange/white uniform perfectly. I am really happy to see her again, because the last time was a long time ago (at least internet time...) She looked more gorgeous than before!

There were gazillion people around to take pictures, or trying to take pictures, or just trying to find out what's going on that so many people there... I guess this is a "Car Show Lifestyle" shoot now...

Katrina and Helen!

She had to go somewhere. Otherwise, this will be a 2-hours shoot session... :-)

Keep up the good work Helen!

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WheelsAndHeelsMag.com - Liz Rein and Kim Decker

Liz Rein (Right) and Kim Decker (Left) were always warm and happy when I was walking around their booth. Well, they were warm and happy in general. What a fantastic duo!

The key to have a lively shot is to tell jokes, non-stop, and funny ones too...

Love those smiles!

When they smile at you and pose, it's so cool and sexy!

Beautiful pairs of the pair!

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Wheels And Heels Mag - Natalia Marie

The first time I met Natalia Marie was back in XDC just a month ago. Maybe I've seen her before, but definitely not as striking and impressing than these two times. Whenever she's there, there sure will be a crowd there.

Not only she has that sultry look, she can pose to make you feel instantly enticed...

With such a talent, she must be doing super well in whatever she does! I sure will find more of her in other venues as well.

Great job Natalia Marie!!! We at Wheels And Heels Mag .Com here salute you for a great job done!!

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Wheels And Heels Mag @ FD/LB - Miranda Lee

Miranda Lee is a very sweet girl, like a fresh and delicate flower from the far far far east... How ever, don't assume that she is timid or reserved or shy or unsure... She is confident and strong, and knows how to show her amazing talents! Very cool!

She is just super photogenic!! Great work Miranda!!

Well, hopefully we will do a mini-feature of her in the future!! :-)

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