Wheels And Heels Mag Featured Model: Jenny Bby

This is the part 2 following the part 1 feature of Jenny Bby.

I got a chance to do a quick interview with Jenny Bby.  It's brief but always fun to talk to her...

W&HM: Hey, great job in the shoot!  How long you have been modeling?
Jenny: It's about a year now.

W&HM: How do you like it so far?
Jenny: I love it!!!!   I love meeting with new people, taking great pictures, and meeting with new people... :-)


H&WM: If you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get??
Jenny: It will be a Lamborghini!!  I love speed!!!

H&WM: Really, what was the highest speed you drove so far?
Jenny: It was like more than 100+ mph!  I was driving a Corvette!!  That was fun!!

H&WM: Okay, which city do  you like to go in your future trip most?
Jenny: MIAMI!!  I love water, beaches and Disney!!!  I love Disney everything!! :-D"

Jenny: To all my fans out there, I love you!!!  Please check out my site:


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Wheels And Heels Mag Featured Model: Jenny Bby

Jenny Bby is a rocket car model... She has strong burst of energies, she has right lines and curves, she even has her own self-correction mechanism, when she looked at the photos in the camera. Jenny is bound to be really cool in modeling!

I first met Jenny was during the DUB show in Anaheim: Jenny @ DUB/Anaheim She has those sparkling eyes that just think there is a milky way in them...

Once my flash started to go off, she was on her own charted course and displayed all kinds of classical and contemporary poses to show off not only her great physique, but also her magnetic personality!

When we were shooting, she could not stop screaming each time the waves hit her. It's like you are watching a little girl playing with the water. Sometimes, she would be caught off guard and then will run away from the water like seeing a big white shark there... Haha...

This is Part 1/2... Stay tuned! :-)
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FD @ LB - Tara Love and Jenna Trujillo

Tara Love and Jenna Trujillo are the dynamic duo at the show. They give you a one-two punch with their beauty, personality, and individual hotness!!

Tara is tall, and is perfectly tall!

There just has to be a third person in the picture... sigh...

They really made you feel like you are in an outdoor studio taking amazing beauty shots!!

We love to see them more!! Keep up the good work Tara, Jenna!!
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FD @ LB - Sarah McDowd

Sarah McDowd is a well known and well published model. Her turquoise blue eyes are like lagoons that you make you want to wander into. She always shows a great personality and so easy to work with. She is definitely a super model!

See what I meant by the blue lagoons? :-)

She is very successful already, and we wish her even more successful! :-D

She has a myspace page that you might want to check it out!

And her MM page has many credits on her resume!

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Formula Drift @ Long Beach - Melyssa Grace, Miss Formula Drift 2010

Melyssa Grace was crowned the Miss Formula Drift 2010, and she is 200% deserve the title!! She is tall, lean, beautiful, but most importantly friendly, amicable, and highly professional!! She is super cool!!!

Even when she was super busy, she did an impromptu modeling for me, which is super cool!! What more can a photographer ask???

To check out more information about this amazing model of the models, here is her web site:

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