XDC Irwindale - Reanne McMillin

Reanne is a super cool model and an amazing car owner! She has a great look as a model, and the style that blends in perfectly well among these super cars.

More amazingly is that she owns the (green) car here. She knows the mechanical stuffs inside out.

She was so excited when she was talking about her car!

She is definitely a wonderful and talented model as well as kick-butt car owner!! Hopefully we will see more of her in the future!!

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XDC Irwindale - Gigi Kim

Gigi is a vivacious and amicable model. When she posed, she made sure that the photographers got their shots before moving to the next one. That's what I call the professionalism!

Is she thinking what's for the dinner tonight? :-)

She certainly knows how to have a good time!

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XDC Irwindale - Honey

Honey is a lean and smart go-go dancer. She joined other dancers in this super hot weather with burning rubber on her feet (not tires, go-go boots!) You can feel it even just by touching them...

She is still being very friendly! She's really cool!

She really knows how to pose! Very sweet!!

Here comes Honey again!

Killer physique!!

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XDC Irwindale - Gogo Dancing Girls

It was like almost 100F degrees in Irwindale. These gogo dancing girls are super hot, especially with burning boots that they are dancing with... My hat's off to these hard working & hot looking talents!!

She didn't see me at first...

Then she saw me and gave me a really nice pose...

I am sure it's nothing personal... I am sure... Haha.

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XDC Irwindale - XDC Girls!

How do you say cream of the crop? Well, a picture beats a thousand words in this case... Especially when they line up and smile at you, waiting for you take that decisive moment... (Thanks Mr. Bresson!)

May be somebody can name all these models one by one, even just by first name?! That would be amazing!

I guess they were just tired of me taking all these photos...

Actually they have a duty to fulfill... Nothing to do with me...

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