DUB Anaheim - Tabitha Martinez

The world is so small that everybody meets everybody somehow somewhere sometime... On the Friday night before DUB, I was covering an event and took a couple of photos of this beautiful and tall and stylish girl at a club. Besides the striking images of her, the only thing I could remember was that she shouted her name to my ear, "Tabitha!". How I remembered it was just pure magic...

The next day, when I was surfing on the web, strangely enough, I bumped into a Tabitha's MM profile. And sure enough, it's her!

Then came Sunday, I went to the DUB show. And you guessed it, I met with her purely by coincident at the Show. She was doing the promotion work for a charity (did not remember the name...) This time, I learned, so I asked her for a few photos, and she sunny-ly accepted and some great photos came out!! Love to share with everybody here!

Please do check out her profile, which provides even more beautiful captures of her beauty.


She is just amazing!! Totally wish her a wonderful career!! Hopefully we will see her again in the future!! :-)
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DUB Anaheim - Gabby Jeanne

Gabby is an amazing super charged model! Just like the first picture shows, everywhere she goes, there are cameras around, as well guys craning their necks... She has her own skateboard design with SK8MAFIA, which is super cool! I guess in no time, she will be having her own "Gabby" doll or "Hello Gabby"... Haha..

Well here are some info related to her:

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DUB Anaheim - Sabrina Machado @ Pirelli

DUB is the first major car show in Southern California This year. Many + many fans have been waiting for this event since pretty much last November, when DUB San Bernardino was the last event in the SoCal area. It's a huge success, despite the unusual weather conditions (see below).

I had a great pleasure meeting with the Pirelli Model, Sabrina Machado. Sabrina is an amazing model. Any poses she did and smiles she flashed, are just picture perfect! I only took four pictures of her and each one came out like in an outdoor studio (any such thing??)... It's a shame that I only took four photos of her... Hopefully in the future, we can do a feature of her in our magazine..

Oh, she is also a great actress, and you all should check out her web site and her IMDB resume:


I see a super star rising!!

The great March weather gave a really good show of what the mother nature could do... It was pouring really hard last night, and then in the morning sunny as it can be, and I could see the snow on the mountain with clouds floating around them. It made me think that it's like a coors light commercial, but in China's deep river cloud-mountain locations... Then in the afternoon, the clouds came from all over the place, and dumped a good bucket of rain on us, models, cars, video games, bubble gums,... everything... In no time, the sun came out like a naughty boy just broke a vase, sheepishly begging for forgiveness... Haha...

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