Motorcycle Show @ Long Beach

Motorcycles and models are just perfect for each other. The curves, the lines, and the shapes, are just compliment each other so well.  No matter the model is on the motorcycle or in front of it, she will always look great, with her feet, her legs, her torso, her smile, her hair, her arms and her hands....  It's the total deal!! 

Somehow the motorcycle show models are different than the car shows, and I found that to be very refreshing.  When they smiled, they seemed to be happy from within, and showed on their lips...  Very cool!

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Motorcyle Show at Long Beach

The Motorcycle show had many different types of models.  It's almost like covering the whole gamut of the promo model spectrum.

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Valrie Nitz (Part 2)

Continued from the Part 1 of the series.  She is just amazing!!  She just has that commanding aura around her when she is on the stage.  Hopefully we will see more of her in the future!  Best of luck Valerie!

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Valerie Nitz

Valerie Nitz is a model's model and super talented performer!!  Her modeling skills are beyond description, starting from her professionalism, to her personality projection, as well as her classy presentation, to the amicably warm to her friends.  And that's just the modeling side.  She is also an accomplished performer!   Check out her amazing resume:

Wish her great careers in whatever she pursues!!  I am sure she will be super successful in everything she does!!

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