Helen Fancik @ Forumla Drift Irwindale

Helen is looking better and better over the past months. She is definitely a shooting star! Her golden hair under the October sun reminds me many star icons from the past carefree year! :-)


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Ashely Sarto, Helen Fancik, Janelle Ha, Hankook Girls

These are ladies are just perfection in their perfection hankook uniform. Everyone has that genuine smile and always has a good pose for the photographers.

Ashley always has that mysterious magic in her, and Helen is always ready to flash a happy sunny smile, while Janelle emits that Asian beauty in an American style. All these four models are super cool! Keep up the good job ladies!!

[TIP] Look through your viewfinder, if you see flying hair around the model's face, just pause and ask her to fix it. These photos set a reminder to you what not to do... :-)
* Click the picture for its original size *
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