FD Irwindale - Elly Shee

Elly Shee is a kind of shy model. She has that beautiful and tender smile. Her eyes speak a lot to the camera instead of her lips. A great way to communicate with the audience... A very sweet model, indeed! Here is a quick photo headshot session with her...

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DUB SB - Terrific Tray

Tray (the one in jean shorts) is a great model! She just recently came back to the modeling world, and is great to shoot with!! She has that cat like eyes that really project mystery there. Super cool!

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FD Irwindale - Daisy

Have you had that feeling that you knew the answer to a super important test, but you just cannot remember it??? Not only it aches you, it also itches you as if you are trying to scratch a spot that you cannot reach...

Well, I did not write down this Extremely !HOT! car model's name... She is not only phenomenal, she is one of the most friendly models on scene.  

She said that she used to be a stylist, but now she enjoys the car show model world right now.

Hopefully we will see her more in the future!!! Keep up the good work!!!

[TIP] Write down whatever you need to / must remember!!!  Don't rely on your memory!!

* Click the picture for its original size *

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