DUB SB - Erica

This DUB show is totally out of this world's experience. At first it was not a whole lot actions going on. Then as the day went by, more and more happenings left and right, as if everybody has just finished a bottle of cool beer...

I met Erica while the show is getting really crowded. She has a really cool personality and she reminded me of Roselyn Sanchez very much, who I think is really dedicated and talented. Erica has a pair of very long legs, which make any dress on her look like on a runway fashion. Very cool! Wish her go all the way to the top!

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DUB @ SB - Emma with Playboy Tattoos

Emma is so easy to shoot with!  When I asked her, she immediately found a super chick green car, and started to pose and court to the camera.   She even asked me, "don't you want to photo the playboy tattoo?"  She is super cool and knows her best assets!!  Great work, Emma!! 

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DUB SB - Sol

Sol is a very sweet model. Her eyes sparkled with dreams and joys. She was so personable and did a marvelous job in posing and flashing her smiles. When everybody was photographing the other model, I tapped her shoulder and asked her to do a photosession in front of a car. In no time, she whipped up a large crowd without even trying. However, she never left her attention to my camera. That's what I call a true professional! Great job, Sol!!

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