Comic Con: Miss March, Unrated

This and these promotional models for "Miss March, Unrated" are just out of this world...  Not only they are cute, spunky, they are super "engaging"!  They come to you instead of you chasing them.  They are friendly and "inviting"...  The "inviting" part will have to come to the next segment...  haha..

[TIP] Though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, if you see a really beautiful model, don't be intimidated!!  Go charge right ahead and just say "You look great, may I take a few pictures of you?"  90% of the time, they will say yes, with a big smile, and readily posing for you already...  Don't set yourself limits!

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Continue the Comic Con theme to warm up the Halloween spirit! :-)

Although I have no idea what the blue costume character was, she was a super intriguing character when I first saw her.   Maybe it's her eyes, or her eyes' expression, or the costume,...  there was something about her that I cannot put my finger on... Figuratively, not literally!! :-)

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Comic Con - Chun Li and Others

This Miss Chun Li has done a great job! Not only she had the perfect costume, her make up made her look like Chun Li as well, even thought she is not exactly an Asian doll style... Good job!!

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Comic Con - Street Fighter's Cammy

October is a magical month here. It's the month of Halloween!! :-)   Most people take the time to create ideas, shop for costumes, and dress up / make up for the big night!  It's where college kids get to come out of their shells and be someone else, or be with someone else...

One of the best costume observation is actually in Comic Con, where you sample all types of action heroes, legendary figures, or sultry characters...

In the next several articles, these are for the wonderful models/people that dressed up and play out their characters.  Enjoy! :-)

This is like the actual scene of street fighter with bystanders watching!  It's so cool!

[TIP] Zoom lens or high pixel count...  At least pick one...

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