Autofest SD - Neon Zebra

This neon zebra print bikini is no shabby either compared to the wild blue one.
she is something really unique in the show.  She's lean and very sensible.  She gave an extremely sneaky photographer a piece of her mind when he was getting too close to the wrong area...  I think the bikini fits her figure and personality!  Very cool!


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[TIP] Get more sleep...  I am dozing off already three times...  :->

AutoFest SD - Blue Bikini

The blue bikini must come from Brazil...  They are so uh tiny, in the standards here...   Nonetheless, our bright model  still proudly gave us her wonderful poses and beautiful smile!


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[TIP] If you are a serious photographer, don't be the one at the bottom, that is totally disrespectively shoot her at bottom.  If you want to photograph her, at least step back and use optical zoom.  It would have much better composition...

She's got That Marilyn Monroe Effect!

However, this version is with a nano skirt... Can't complain, but must compliment!!

Great one!

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Jena is SUPER cute!!

Jena is just a wonderful model to shoot with! She has that fresh GND look yet strong potential for a great professional model! Her expressions are so concentrated on shoot that you feel like she is standing right in front of you in the picture!

Great job Jena!! Keep it up!

* Click the picture for its original size *
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