And God Created Raichelle Viado @ Nisei Car Show

As I mentioned in my last article, Raichelle was one of the model popular model in the show.  Not only she is great looking, she knew how to pose to the camera, and really took care of the photographers (i.e. she follows the camera direction really + really well!)  

No matter how she poses, she always look wonderful!!

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Wild Model @ Nisei Car Show

Did not get a chance to ask this wild model's name... She has that  raw energy and hairstyle too that totally show through her look.  She made the under-the-sun shoot a natural thing to do, as she could be on a hot hot island enjoying the sun very much... :-)

Her tatoo is really cool...  Very elegantly placed on her abs...  Nice!

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Sweet Model @ Nisei Car Show

She has really beautiful face, wonderful curves and slender frame, very fittingly and precisely supported by her garment.  What a gorgeous combination!! 

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Sheena @ Nisei Week

Sheena is such a nice model that she can do a quick 5 min photosession with you in the car show.  Not only she has that all American GND look, she loves to be in front of the camera.  And her enthusiasm totally showed through her photos here! 

Either outside the car, on the car, or inside the car, Sheena really knows how to pose, and interact with the camera!

She always maintains her beautiful smile, or sultry look when you want her.  What a great model!!

[TIP] Let the model knows roughly how many photos you will take of her...  Either a couple of five or a lot, she might grant your wish! :-)

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Raichelle Viado - Nisei Week Car Show

Remember Raichelle? Now here is the link to remember...   She certainly has grown to be a wonderful + professional model now!!  She is one of the hottest models in the Nisei Showoff car show this time!!  If you ever be close to her, you will find that she is super friendly and always ready to pose and work with your camera!!  What a marvelous professionalism nature she has!!

There is always some tri-angular relationship between the model, the photographer, and the model's friends... :-)

[TIP] Concentrate on what you do!  Don't get sidetracked by any other bystanders, boyfriends, crews, of any other non-related subjects.  But still play nice with your fellowmen next to you...

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Lovely Lexie Again!

Lexie is looking wonderfully under the hot San Diego sun.  She projected a strong and confident aura that is super suitable to the green bike she's standing next to.  

Lexie is a professional dancer and she has that great posture that makes a wonderful model!

[TIP] Play the hot afternoon sun to your favor.  Don't let the shadows scare you off!

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Nisei Car Show - This Just In...

I went to the Nisei Car Show yesterday. It was a hot + hot day... I came home as yet again a quasi-baked lobster...   But that did not dampen my search for the best!!  After spending several hours there, with the super high ratio of cameras vs. models (it's like 10 thousand chopsticks with only 3 bowls of rice, something like that...), still I got some pretty good pictures!  Yay! :-)

Here are a few sneak peeks!!

Theresa is a fireball in the show!  She does not come out too often, but when she is out, she is all out!  The cameras just could not stop, and the flashes were burnt, and the walkway was blocked...  (of course, more to come in the future!)

Leianna is always + always super beautiful to shoot!  She is such a great model that in less than a year, she has ascended to the shining star status!!  With all the exposures of ads and car paints and promotional events, she is destined to be a super + super star!!

Sheena and Alyssa were there being friendly and gorgeous!  They were super cooperative and followed the direction so welll!!!

There will be a lot more to come in the next few days and weeks!!  Stay tuned!! :-)

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Love Lexie @ Extreme Autofest SD

Lexie on the bike, with her professional training as a dancer, she can balance on the bike effortlessly.  And the tent helps tremendously too, without the though manageable but still nasty sun and shadows... :-)   Turned out the cool pictures!!  Yay!

[TIP] Pay attention to hands.  Keep them natural and properly viewed.

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