I Heart SD @ Extreme Autofest SD

These three cuties just love their city sooooo much!!   San Diego must be very proudt of them!  If there will be three girls representing your city, what would they look like??? Hmmm, interesting thought though...

These four girls just did not care that much.  They walked around and posed for cameras.  Somehow they are not as effective as the smaller trio above...  I guess there should be a PK someday... ;-)

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Extreme Autofest @ SD - Beautiful Pairs

This beautiful model was hidden under the tent, among cars and  away from the crowd...  None the less, a courteous approach, and strong encouragement, she was really warming up to the shoot, even though it was like 100F / 37F weather out there...  

I truly appreciate her big smile and wonderful poses!!  Many kudos!

Then suddenly, she was joined by her model fellow.  Wow, two for the chance of one!!  I should have shot more then!!

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Jessica @ Extreme Autofest SD

Within 10 seconds after you entered the car show, one thing you cannot miss was a group of wonderful models by the first car space. They were dacning and greeting people like they truly enjoying doing it!

Jessica is the most color and energetic model among the models.  She loves to dance to loud music, and was not shy at all showing her best poses to cameras!  (Guys, always bring a camera with you!  Not the small phone cameras!!!  Those don't count.  With the good size camera, you are actually compliementing the models!!)

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