D1GP - Official Model

Her wavy blond hair and slightly tan  skin makes the orange trimmed uniform super cool!  I've seen her several times, and this is the most striking appereance of her that I've seen.  Kudos!!

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D1GP - Umbrella Girl

Uh, lovely umbrella girl! What can I say... :-)

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25Visuals Featured Model - Alexia Cortez (aka Mz. Sexia) Part 1/2

Alexia Cortez is a smart, beautiful and very personable model! I saw her several times in the past (as pictures show here and next.) Finally this time I got a chance to interview her and find some really extraordinary details about her!!

Alexia has been modeling for four years, and now she is concentrating on her goals full force! (Yes guys! More chances to see and meet Alexia!) She loves to go to car shows and meet people and take pictures!! (So don't be shy when you see her! You will make her happy if you take pictures with her!!) Kudos!! :-D

Alexia loves her Mercedez, simple and straight. Someday she may want an Mercedez AMG (So if you have one for sale, she might be a perfect new owner for your car!) And she would love someone to help tuning her car and mod it up! (Chance! Chance!!)

She loves her car to be metallic blue, a very unusual choice, and she agreed, saying, she is unusual!!  (Don't you just love a girl who has great confidence!!)

When it comes to favorite foods, she said that she is half Mexican, so that would be one of the top choices of her favorite food!  She actually loves a diverse range of foods, as long as it fills her stomach well and does not make her lose her wonderful figure (very smart!!)

More to come in Part 2!!

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D1GP - Kaili Liu

Kaili Liu always has that sultry look in her eyes.  It's like vulnerability or seduction or a search of connection.  No matter what it is, her eyes are very engaging, making you want to come up to her and know her more...  Very fine quality of a model!! 

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