HIN LA - SHOW Mag + Autosport

In the afternoon, models were just warming up to the crowd.   The Gaussian excitement curve is ramping up for sure... :-)

HIN LA - They All Are Smiling!

The models in the HIN show are always looking good and smiling beautifully. Each one carries a different style, but they are all fine! :-)

HIN LA - (LBD) Little Black Dress

Nothing is better than a little black dress and a sexy hot car...  The killer combination makes this warm southern california even hotter!! :-)

HIN LA - Jelene C

Jelene (with boots) is such an adorable model.  Her poses and smiles are just gorgeous!!


HIN LA - Ashley and Marissa

2009 HIN LA is the kick-off show for the top-notch car/model/lifestyle show of HIN tour.  There are tons of modified cards and gorgeous models turning up at every corner. 

The first pair is Ashley Labady and Marissa Dawn.  They both are impeccable models that have super slender figures!!

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