Lynhthy, Super Top-Notch Go-Go Dancer!! (3/3)

Taking pictures of Lynthy, is like catching fleeting flower pedals...  They are so many, so graceful, that just dazzle you in your viewfinder.  Totally my hat off to her!!

She is the super top-notch go-go dancer!!!

Lynhthy, Super Top-Notch Go-Go Dancer!! (2/3)

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Lynhthy is such a natural that she goes beyond the music rhythm.  She incorporates actions, stories, fantasies, and sports into her work of art.  She should teach classes on how to be "Lynhthy"! :-)

Photographing her is really easy.  However, the lighting was very challenging.  It was at dusk, and very little sunlight can be seen.  Flash sometimes does not produce good 3D sense of the pictures.  So I opted to use ISO 1000 and set to speed priority without flash many times.  I like the results!! :-)  

(Something I need to keep in mind though...)

2009 AVN AEE in Las Vegas 2009, Part 3

This is a medly collection of pictures from the 2009 AVN AEE show.  Some are behind the scenes and some are impromptu...  They make me feel very personal, that the stars also do texting during their busy schedules, they needed to deal with thousands (uh, tens of thousands according to the show org) of fans/strangers, and always put forth the best face, best pose, and best smiles, even in the chilly Las Vegas show hall...  In addition to their super hard work during the rest of the year...  My highest respect and hats off to them!!!

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