2009 AVN AEE in Las Vegas 2009, Part 2

This is an HQ photo log continutation of the previous Extra! Extra! breaking news on 2009 AEE. One note to the photographer myself here, watch out for the lighting and WB! Man, those bizarre lightings on the stars/starlets/models can throw you off course that you would kick yourself later on for not checking the settings and results earlier... Another lesson learned.

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2009 AVN AEE Exhibition in Las Vegas, Part 1

Another Extra! Extra!  2009 AEE show in Las Vegas!

AEE is super smart hosting their show right next to the CES show in the same convention center.  Might as well kill two birds with one stone...  This is the first day of the AEE show, but however, I heard from people that this year it's smaller than the years past...Probably that's why they want a $5 billion bail-out...

More pictures next time...  Just want to bring you the freshest news...

2009 CES Booth Babes and 108" LCD Model TV

Extra! Extra!  First hand report of 2009 CES booth babes and promotional models!

This is actually the first time I am attending the CES show.  I knew that CES does not encourage the "booth babe" or "promotional model" concept, even though it's in Las Vegas which is the most flashy city in the world...  Nonetheless, as many successful people said, "Never take no as an answer." :-)

The first hall I entered is the North hall, which happens to be the auto/audio  section, and happened to be where car models would be, lucky me!  I kind of felt like I am back in a local car show...  

Within 30 seconds I entered my first CES exhibit hall,I encountered these two beautiful models!  I think the day started wonderfully!  Talking about positive thinking!

Then I moved on to other places, and tugged in a small corner, there was this gorgeous and amicable promotional model that is so willing to be next to a monster for photos.  She was just great (and more pictures coming...)

This cute senorita had all the energy that way surpassed the worn out CES attendees, very impressive!

Finally I furthered my CES search and cruised to the South Hall.  There, I saw the BIGGEST LCD tv that I've ever seen.  108", that's huge!!  The clarity of the TV is amazing!  It's not like a fuzzy or pixlized screen.  I guess I need to start saving for the upcoming "consumer electronic release"... 

Then there were Sharp's booth models.  IMHO, they are the best dressed models in the show.  They won my best business-attired-in-CES company award!  Not only their models have great apperance and looks, they were friendly and proactive to engage you!  What an experience!  Not like the majority of other companies there, that only focus on the "features" part of their product, and forgot about the "benefits" part of the attendees...  Good work Sharp!

There will be another posting about 2009 CES booth babes and promotional models!!

Lynhthy, Super Top-Notch Go-Go Dancer!! (1/3)

Lynhty is just a super amazing athelet!!  Her dance moves are work of art.  I've seen quite a few other dancers' performances, but Lynhty's go-go dancing is just full of grace, elegance, fluid, and mesmerizing.  I've taken many shots, and hardly any shots are bad.  They all are in different state of modeling poses; this is beyond professionalism!! 

Extreme Autofest San Diego Part Last of Several

This is the last of the series, a very memorable car show event.  The biggest reward in this show for me is actually meeting with Danielle.  She was not in the bikini contest (sigh...), but her appereance was most eye-catching and  breath-taking...  Her eyes are super bright, shining with fire and energy (check out the larger size pictures...)  She was engaging and friendly.  A very very cool girl, she is...  

Extreme Autofest San Diego Part 3 of Several

And there will be one more to come... :-)

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