Highlights of 2023 Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show and Fujinami Models! (@fujinami_models)

Highlights of The Exciting 2023 Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show and Lively Fujinami Models!

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by W&HM
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  • Event: 2023 Hotpit Autofest Round 5, Orange Speedway, San Bernardino
  • Model: Fujinami Models (find more Fujinami Models photos, click HERE)
  • Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

2023 Hotpit Autofest Final / Champion Round of The Year

The 2023 Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show held at the Orange Speedway in San Bernardino was a fun and relaxing event filled with modified cars, roaring engines, and a lively atmosphere. With the weather being warm but not scorching hot, the attendees were able to enjoy a Saturday afternoon immersed in the world of automotive actions and culture.


A Showcase of Modified Cars

The car show gave car enthusiasts a place to hang out and check out. The compact venue was filled with a captivating collection of modified cars. From sleek sports cars to powerful muscle cars, attendees were treated to an array of unique and impressive vehicles. The sight of these JDM and American modified cars, complemented by the roaring drifting noises and smoky air, added an electrifying aura to the event.


Stunning Fujinami Models Abound

One of the highlights of the Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show was the presence of the beautiful and fun-loving Fujinami Models. These striking and vivacious models added a touch of glamour and excitement to the event. 

With their radiant personalities and captivating presence, they effortlessly added to the overall ambiance of the car show, making it an even more enjoyable experience for the attendees.


Fun and Smart Stage Q&A Interviews

On the main stage, the models and event organizers conducted smart Q&A sessions in thrilling interviews. The event not only introduced the models' names, and socials, but also had them show their color with a quick out of the box question, such as "If you have an elephant, but you cannot sell it. What would you do with it?" It's almost like a Rorschach test in a conversational format. 

Our Gorgeous Feature Models, Lydia and Corvi

Another noteworthy aspect of the car show was the presence of our feature models Lydia and Corvi. These two models not only looked gorgeous but also showcased their charisma and elegance throughout the event. Their presence at the venue and interaction with the attendees added a touch of sophistication to the proceedings.


Supportive Vendor Presence

The Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show has a great lineup of vendors who showed up to support the event. From automotive parts and accessories to food and beverages, the vendors offered a wide range of products and services to enhance the overall experience. Their presence added convenience and variety for the attendees, ensuring that everyone had access to everything they needed.


Driver Autograph Session

The driver autograph session was a particularly popular aspect of the car show. Attendees had the opportunity to meet their favorite drivers, get autographs, and even engage in meaningful conversations. This session allowed fans to connect personally with the drivers, further ignite their passion and admiration for the sport, and go away with an armful of souvenirs. 



Wonderful Event with Awesome Cars and Models

The 2023 Hotpit Autofest Round 5 Car Show proved to be a memorable experience for car enthusiasts, offering a thrilling Saturday afternoon filled with modified cars, vibrant models, and engaging activities. 

With a great collection of cars on display, the event provided a feast for the eyes and ears, while the presence of the Fujinami Models and feature models Lydia and Corvi added glamour and energy. 

The support from vendors and the popularity of the driver autograph session further enhanced the overall experience. 

This car show delivered a perfect blend of entertainment, education, and automotive culture, making it a must-attend event for car enthusiasts and spectators alike. 


Additional Photos from W&HM's In-Person Coverage: 



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