Big Highlights of Lowrider Magazine Super Car Show Long Beach 2023 #lowrider

Big Highlights of Lowrider Magazine Super Car Show Long Beach 2023

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai

★ W&HM - Wheels and Heels Magazine / / IG @wheelsandheelsmag 

  • Event: 2023 Lowrider Magazine Super Show Long Beach
  • Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

# The First Big Lowrider Car Show in Southern California 

Under the cloudy and cold sky, we came to the retro-style Long Beach Convention Center. Even though the weather is not quite the usual so-Cal-style sunny sky, it did not deter the long line of people queuing up for the entrance.

People were excited to get into the first major lowrider car show in southern California. The expectation was high and the security is high. The line moved quickly and in no time, we are inside the Convention Center. That is much appreciated!

# The Long Beach Convention Center as a Great Car Show Venue

Once we were inside the Convention Center, we were greeted with some of the most spectacular lowrider show cars in the Atrium. People were dazzled by the lights and shine of these highly articulated modified American classics.

Immediately, we floated with the crowd into a smaller hall inside the Convention Center. We were in awe of the display inside the hall. Above many eye-arresting cars, there were ceiling-hanging lanterns draped across the hallway. We've never seen it like this before here in the Long Beach Convention Center.

The combination of the lanterns and cars makes it a perfect photo shoot scene for lowrider car lovers. It transformed the street style culture to the showroom display quality. It projected a 50's golden-era atmosphere of car showmanship in this hall.

# The Grand Show Hall with Cars, Stage, and Vendors


After the nostalgia trip back to the old time, we veered toward the main hall of the super show. It instantly brought us back to the familiar car show scene. Before we enter the big main hall, we already heard loud music blasting from the main hall.

Once we were inside, we saw a sprawling venue filled with cars around the walls and main space. The stage by the entrance side took up both the performance stage space and a vast floor space for spectators and actions. Then we were greeted by many vendors at the heart of the hall.

# The Pristine Condition Lowrider Rides 


There were many different car clubs attending the Lowrider Magazine Super Car Show in Long Beach. There were all kinds and styles of lowrider cars. They are all in top shape conditions, even though most of them have been in existence for more than half a century.

Back in the 50's golden era of America, the non-care of fuel efficiency, and everything about style and power. Many have souped up their engines and drive trains. They seemed to be ready to do the race in the Grease movie.

Some came with intricate paint art that pinstripes across the car body and some even into the interior. The iconic style of lowrider car art is on full display here.

However, we were surprised to find very few figurative/portraits/tribute paint art. Don't get us wrong. there were quite a few of them there. However, we did not see a whole lot of them that are eye-enticing and edgy creative. We do miss such art forms very much as they show the artistry of the paint artists and the embracing of the car owners.

# The Lowrider Car Show Girls

We are surprisingly happy to see our feature model Theresa Erika at the show. She has not been seen in the scene for almost 4 years. She is the same if not more gorgeous than the last time we worked with her. She is definitely the hottest model at the show!

The model scene this year is a bit different than what we've seen in the past, way past. Back in the year 2010, we went to the Lowrider Magazine car show in San Bernardino. It was a wild treat with tons of cars and models (here is the link: 2010 Lowrider Magazine Car Show Models)

Nonetheless, the models at the show were all awesome! They look so cool and so happy to be around people and in front of cameras. They are so friendly and so awesome to work with! We highly appreciate their modeling talents!

# Many Vendors at the Big Show


Inside the blocks of vendor rows, there were lots of people finding good bargains and cool gear and wear. There was never an empty spot in the aisles between vendors. This showed how the popular products and vendors were present at the show and ready for the attendees to snatch up.

# Super Fun Miniature RC Lowrider Vendor Set

One of the most interesting spots at the main hall is the miniature RC lowrider parking lot and boulevard set right next to the vendor block.

It was a large setup with tens if not more than 100 miniature RC lowrider cars parked in the full parking lot set. Various people controlled these mini RC lowriders and drove them across streets. They performed tricks, like airlift jumps or lifting the rear or front of the car.

It's a riot to see these super cute and totally awesome mini RC lowriders having fun on the set!

# Concert and Stage Showcases

The main stage has a sprawling audience space in front of it. The non-stop performances brought people near the stage and constantly filled the entire hall and outside with different types of music. The range is diverse, from front Hispanic songs to R&B, to raps, and more. It's definitely a kaleidoscope of various culture showcases.

# Wonderful Lowrider Lover and Family Event 


It's a wonderful and fun time for lowrider lovers and family outings. We've seen bros chatting about the cars and builds enthusiastically. We also saw people bringing their kids and grandmas to the show, and taking pictures with cool cars around them.

It's a great time, a relaxed time, and a well-spent time on a Saturday afternoon.

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage:


We met several awesome models, with their IGs or names:
@ggocxo, @maddeforglory, @alzayahh, @mirayaheredia, Clarissa Mendez, @azleal_, Theresa Erika

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