The Big Highlight of 2022 Tuner Evolution Ontario The Set Up Car Show, by W&HM

The Big Highlight of 2022 Tuner Evolution Ontario The Set Up Car Show

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai / Wheels and Heels Magazine /

Event: 2022 Tuner Evo Ontario, The Set Up (Find more photos of the show series, click HERE)
Text and Photography: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto  

Father's Day Tuner Evo The Set Up, 2022 Ontraio Car Show

This year, there has been a Tuner Evo show in LA already back in January. It was a very popular event. The show organizer has decided that they are bringing the opportunity for the Inland Empire region (very east of LA) to showcase their true color of cars. The location is the Ontario Convention Center, in the heart of the Inland Empire. It's roughly 40 miles east of downtown LA. The date is Father's Day on Sunday. The weather is the default near 90F degree here. The show was originally planned for both indoors and outdoor. Thankfully at the last minute, it changed to an indoor-only show. We cannot imagine how the heatwave outside would treat models for a 7-hour full sun afternoon. That was a great outcome for everybody!

Because it was so hot, the Ontario Fire Department was very serious about all safety regulations. Besides the normal car show etiquette and requirements, this time cars are required to disconnect their battery as well. 

What a Fun and Easy Show!

Show attendance was fairly comfortable, even though it's not quite as like three or four years ago's elbow-to-elbow "normal". This crowd density actually created good space for people now that the indoor masking requirement has been dropped. We applaud people coming out to the show despite a lot of concerns and risks. This shows a strong car community and how people love to get together for the same cause and great comradery.

Pre-show preparation car line-up

TF Model Lounge, a Great Model Lounge! Plus Official Models

The model lounge has a very strong showing. The TF Lounge knocked it out of the ballpark again with many familiar models and new faces at the show. Their wide-spread booth has many models but it was not frantic mayhem of photographers and fans. It's more a very easy and workable setup. We highly appreciate the whole setup. It sure has made our job much easier and fun! Out hats off to the TF Model Lounge team!


We are so happy to see our cover model Lin Yeh, the official Tuner Evolution Model, as well as feature models Princess April and future feature model Katherine O'Connor. Also, there are many almost-like-family models that show their warm welcome. We met some new models that were totally impressive in their modeling skills and presence. It's such a great model mix of all experience levels. 

Tuner World Rejoices!

There were many fine-tuned rides across the convention center venue. One can find a wide variety of models and makes with varying degrees of mods. Of course, the most popular ones are the JDM cars. Many were highly modified or accessorized. Some are simply the "inner beauty" type with all the boosts happening under the hoods, in the engine department, or driver trains, or exhaust systems, or literally the interiors of the car. It's simply dazzling to see all kinds of customizations on these highly polished shiny cool cars. 


Supportive Vendors and Toyo Tires Big Presence 

Vendors were spread out across the floor. Toyo Tire always comes out swinging strong with their big truck and awesome cars plus a Toyo model Ally. Their cars are highly articulated and widely respected. They are simply just the cream of the crops in the modified car world. 

Great Show, Great Day, and Great Tradition!

Tuner Evo is always a great show to go to. With the strong showing of TF Model Lounge, it's been a great experience, and there are many happy families, couples, and car enthusiasts for this wonderful Sunday afternoon inside the cool Convention Center.

We look forward to the great show again next time!

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage. We have the model coverage including (incomplete listing in non-repeat sequential order, with IG accounts) 

Princess April (@xoxprincessapril), Katherine O'Connor (@koconnor820), Charleen Perez (@omfgitscharleen), Zelanna (@zuhlaynuh), Phi Tu (@phitu_), Jenny (@socalcelica), Karen Bassily (@queenbassilyy), Arely (@arely.handling), Cici (, Jade Savage (@jadesavageafg), Tamkio Lee (@tamikoleeofficial), Akira Win (@akirawinnn), Toyo Model Ally Rose (@allyyyrose), Sere (@sereivthv), Bianca Nicole Lee (@missnicolelee), Big Abe (@_big_abe)


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