Vibrant Highlights of HNRS OC Mini Bike Show 2022 by W&HM #hnrsoc

Super Fun Mini Bike Show at HNRS OC, 2022

★ On-Location Coverage by W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine /

Text / Photographer: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

 2022 HNRS OC Mini Bike Show Brought People Together!

This is the second year that we cover the HNRS OC Mini Bike Show and it gave us the same much fun as the first time we did. It's festive, fun-filled, and a perfect Saturday afternoon get together with like minded mini bike lovers.

The weather was SoCal-warm with big open sky on top of the HNRS OC location parking lot. When we entered the venue, it's already playing full-blast party music, and mini bikes all around the parking lot. People were walking around admiring peers' mini rides and all kinds of add-ons and modifications. It's a full fun party from the get-go already.

TF Model Lounge Did it Again!

TF model Lounge is a major import model force in the SoCal area. It's always great to see them at shows. Even though we came to their lounge in the last week's car show, we are still very excited to see them again and meet their models at this mini bike show.

Quite a few models came to support this cool event, including Princess April, Phi Tu, Sofia Porter, Victoria Sung, as well as Charleen Perez, and more. Their presence definitely brought the glamour aspect of the show to the event. You could see them dotting various spots among small scale motorcycles, making both models and the mini bikes even more yin and yang.

We found that the photos vs models ratio is pretty low. That means a lot of models have available time for us to shoot with, more than once That gave us a great opportunity to have models situated in different environments, like around the mini bikes, on mini bikes, and even by the tropical trees next to the venue. It's such a wonderful photo shooting experience. 

 Mini Bikes Add Fun to Function!

Generally, people use mini bikes for lifestyle fun purposes, like cruising to the wild outdoors, or camping transportation, or simply riding along a long stretch of road for the fun of it. Therefore, many lifestyle choices were added to the mini bikes to reflect the owners' personalities.

There are not a whole lot of mini bike manufacturers, compared to cars'. However, that did not stop their owners to decorate their precious rides in many different ways. The essentials mods including upgrading the drive systems, the exhausts pipes, as well as the dials and handles, and mirrors. 

However, unlike cars, it does not stop there. Quite a few painted their mini bike panels with totally different colors or graphical elements, or even cartoon characters. Of course, stickers of all sorts are easily added as the show of unique culture attributions. 

We spotted a couple of vintage mini bikes that has almost 50 years of history written on it, or properly phrased, riding on it. They looked like they could go another half century without much troubles. That's the fun of mini bikes. They are easy to maintain and tons of fun to ride on. 

HNRS OC Provided a Great Mini Bike Get Together Meet and Show of Community!

We had a wonderful time at the 2022 HNRS OC mini bike show. It's a unique, and easy going type of show event that everybody was having fun. Under the warm SoCal weather, with foods, music, and cozy fellowship, the mini bike community gave a great pre-Mother's day Saturday get-together! Congrats to the hosting company, HNRS OC, and all the people came out to support the event!

 Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage: 


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