Big Highlights of 2022 Ark Movement, Autism Awareness Car Show


Big Highlights of 2022 Ark Movement, Autism Awareness Car Show

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2022 Ark Movement, Autism Awareness Car Show 

It was a beautiful southern California Sunday morning, very warm with little breezes. You can see miles from the rooftop of the parking structure of the GardenWalk shopping complex. The scene was set for the annual Ark Movement, Autism Awareness Car Show. 

This is a wonderful gathering for car enthusiasts and branding models plus participating vendors to come together and celebrate a great cause. Most of the charity car shows happening around the end of the year, reminding people that we should thank and give to the people that can benefit from people's contributions. Therefore, this car show is a stand-out one that keeps the charity car shows all year round.  

The parking structure's rooftop has a cool urban unfinished look, much like a game setting or a futuristic retro-relic scene. There are exposed rebars, halfway poured concrete, as well as piles of cinder blocks and material bags. It's very urban and very unique. 

Despite all these decayed facades, the car show was a super lively event. Loud music was blasting in the air, people are gathering around like no pandemic, cars and cars along the walls of the rooftop, and there were just constant activities happening. You can immediately immerse yourself in this party mode when you entered the venue. 


The TF Model Lounge

The main model lounge is hosted by the TF Model Lounge, organized by John Fujinami. As always, the lounge was busting at the seams with non-stop incoming models all around the clock. The TF Model Lounge provided a great opportunity for models both experienced and being established to interact with their fans both well acquainted and new. That's why it's so popular. 

We were happy to see some of the familiar faces again at the car show. Daisy Doan, Phi Tu, Chelsea Mae, Sira Kong, Charleen, and more.


There were also almost familiar and new-bloods that we first met and were impressed by their presence, including Princess April, Karen Bassily, Mia Isabella Ng, Chris C., Sofia Porter, and many more. 

There were so many models in a constant influx; we must have missed quite a few of them either due to time mismatch, or simply the physical impossibility of being everywhere at the same time. There were so many models. That's a great problem for us to deal with for sure! 

Attending Show Cars

The showing cars at the Ark Movement Car Show were very inclusive. Even though mainly they were JDM cars, there were also American domestic muscles, as well as European sports performance, plus exquisite Tesla electric. It's such a united nation of cars.

Surveying the cars, we found that many of them were at the start of their modifications. Their first attempts of adding wraps to their beloved machine's hoods or side panels. Some replace their stocks with sleek carbon fiber parts. 

However, some super modified cars just shone in your eyes, arresting your camera to take many pictures of them. the wild colors, cool custom-made upgrades, as well as almost historic vintage rides. It's a great showcase of several super cool cars. 

Hurray! Vendors, Vendors, Everywhere!

 A Car show is not legitimate without the presence of vendors. The more vendors showing up mean the higher trust people throw into the event. We were impressed to see many vendors at the car show. 

At all corners, and there are many corners all around the outer walls and inside ramps,  you would see vendors had their tents up and merchandise was shown. It's a very good show if we purely judge by the sheer number of participating vendors. One of the changes from the past is the Itasha lifestyle and sticker shops that came to the scene, in replacement of the wheel vendors. 

Itasha has become a major auto lifestyle trend. The cute anime / manga decals and wraps around the owners' beloved cars indicate the tremendous commitments from their car holders. It's not just adding a dial or two to the dashboard. It's the whole appearance and almost religious followings that these cool people are showing. We always applaud their dedication to a fine genre of visual art. 

In Conclusion, 2022 Ark Movement, Autism Awareness Car Show

Overall, it's a wonderful car show. Not only it bring awareness to Autism for good exposure, but it also provided a great opportunity for car lovers and families to get together and have a great great time. 

Models were super happy that there were so many photographers and friends showing up and swarming the TF Model Lounge. 

The car community had great support from all sides of the business that continues to make this industry thrive.

At the end of the show, it was a great Sunday afternoon to spend, and we do look forward to the next year's event!

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