Big Highlights of 2022 Supercross Anaheim Season Opener, The Lifestyle Expo Report #supercross

Big Highlights of 2022 Supercross Anaheim, The Season Opener, The Lifestyle Expo Report 

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2022 Supercross Anaheim

It's a postcard so-Cal sunny Saturday afternoon, under the big sky dappled with a few fluffy cotton clouds, 2022 Supercross season opener is coming back to Anaheim after last year's relocation due to the widespread Covid situation.

This year's still dealing with Covid, but it's at its full one plus years of threat, things are slowly back to normal. At the outdoor Pit Stop Lifestyle Expo, crowds of people roaming around many vendors across the Angel Stadium vast parking lot. 


Even though it's still on the back of many officials' minds that Covid is still potent and potentially deadly, people seem to be okay without masking up, but visibly observing social distancing as a precaution. All the rider autograph sessions were cancelled for a good reason.

One can definitely feel the energy in the air, excitements on peoples' faces, and engine noises in their ears. The scene at the Lifestyle Expo is full of actions and fun.

Models at The Supercross Anaheim 2022 

On our first walking survey, we found that the model count is visibly less than the past years. In the past Monster Energy Girls were a long line of cool models. This year there were about 6 that we could find at the stage, and a couple others at another place. It's a different era now.


Nonetheless, we were super happy to see both our cover models, Alliyah and Zari Chacon for Falken and Dunlop at the Expo. It's always great to see them. They are no on tour with the company through the Supercross many stops. That means they will probably spend their every weekend somewhere exciting in the near future.

We were surprised that we did not see Rockstar models at the show. They were usually the staple of model presence at the Supercross. Guess we can hope for the next time then. 

Pit Exhibitions and In-Person Bike Experience 

Judging from the vast venue and vendor presence, it seemed that the Lifestyle Expo is back to the pre-pandemic level. There were many companies showing their products and services, as well as engaging show attendees for various activities. Even though the crowd size was probably not at the same level as used to be this year, it's still very impressive to see many booths were crowded by the bike enthusiasts and motorsports loving folks. 


Besides static displays from various vendors, there were also actions generated by the organizer. A huge plot of venue was set up to showcase motorcycle drivers' daring stunt actions. Combining with the loud music and revving noises, the crowd was in for a great time.  

2022 Supercross Anaheim Lifestyle Expo a Great Fun Restart 

Overall, this year's Supercross Anaheim Lifestyle Expo has been a great restart from the dark age of 2020 season for the so-Cal event show scene. It's a high welcome back and a great indicator of a stronger and back-to-normal forecast for the future events to spring up. 


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