Big Highlights of Off Road Expo 2021 at Ontario Convention Center @offroadexpo


Big Highlights of The Returning Off-Road Expo 2021 at The New Location, Ontario Convention Center

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2021 Off Road Expo, New Location, Same Great Excitements

2020 has been a rough year for show organizations. The pandemic lock down has stopped many shows. In 2021, it's like a huge blooming season. There are many shows that cannot wait to reopen their doors again. Easily, there are multiple shows happen on the same weekends. People are eager to get back to normal shows and events.

This weekend, we had a great opportunity to see the 2021 Off Road Expo show returning to its usual time slot in the year. However, this time, it's happening in the San Bernardino County's Ontario Convention Center, a brand new convention space. 

Ontario Convention Center has a huge convention hall, and several outdoor parking lots and spots. That provided a perfect venue for the Off Road Expo, as it can host a large enough vendors and their vehicles for the returning show.

We always love Off Road Expo, as it can be seen here in our past coverage  as well as here. It's always full of fun outdoor gadgets and eye-opening enhancements to those path-beating trucks or ATVs. 



Even though the space is smaller than the past Pomona Fairplex venue, we think it's a good size for a fun weekend family time to explore all kinds of off road vehicle possibilities. 

Judging from the size of and interactions from the crowd, it seems that everyone is having a great time at the show. 

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Our Cover Models, Feature Model, and More Models

We are so happy to see our cover models here at the show. In fact, we were surprised that three of our cover models and one feature model were here. From the top photos, Alliyah B, Ashley Twomey, Christina Riordan, and Monika Cozlin. 

It's almost a full year and half that we last covered them in person at shows. There is so much to catch up. We learned how each one is coping with the lock down last year, and how they have new businesses and ventures opening up due to it. And they looked amazing as always!

There were other models at he show that we were happy to meet and bring them to you here. Definitely look out for future coverage articles to see these awesome promotional models in front of our camera!


Vendor Show Cars

One of the strongest highlights in Off Road Expo is the vendor show vehicles. There were many stunning off road vehicles on display from various types of vendors across all types of off roading needs.

Tire companies are a major proponents of off road cars, since they are an important part of this lifestyle. So are other major parts and components manufacturers, they brought their crowd attracting vehicles that would stop the attendees' feet. Many of these not just bells-and-whistles parts mean serious business to the off road warriors. They rely on good and reliable parts to bring them back safely to home.

It seemed that all the major players from the past were also at this year's Off Road Expo. It's always great to see them and see what's new coming to the store and cars. 


A Tech and Fun Festival

The attending crowd must have lots of fun there. Vendors were proud to introduce their products and services. All making the off roaders life safer, easier, or plainly just much more enjoyable. 

 On top of the constant floods of information about various types of products and services, there was also fun and games at the show. Adults and kids can also enjoy bean bag tossing or wheels of fortune. It's a great mixture of enthusiast tech knowledge learning and family fun activities, all wrapped in a weekend outing. 



We know it's a treacherous time to have a show during the pandemic regulation uncertainty, as well as managing public health situations. However, Off Road Expo has done a great job in providing a great place for people to enjoy off roading information buffets, family fun time together, and great vendor presentations. 

We applaud the organizer of Off Road Expo making this year's a great come back after the pandemic's multiple impacts. The show was full of vendors, full of attendees, full of fun, and full of great vendor-attendee interactions. 

With such a great show success by the team, we look forward to the next year's show again already! 

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