Big Highlights of Home-Coming Car Show Racewars LA, at Irwindale, CA 2021 #racewars


The Home-Coming Hot Car Show, Racewars LA 2021, Celebrated at The Irwindale Speedway

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine / / text and photos: Py Pai / IG: @pypaiphoto

The Super Hot Car Show

2021 Racewars LA was a very welcomed home-coming. It's been two years since the last time Irwindale Speedway hosted the popular car show. It's also a hot car show, both temperature wise, or car show wise, or model wise, or energy wise. It's a great car show to welcome the SoCal car show season slow down period.   

The Parking Lot Was Hot

The sun was high, the air was very warm. After I entered the Irwindale Speedway parking lot, my car reading was 103F when I got out of the car. It was a baking parking lot with unforgiving rising temperature. However, it prepared even more hotness in front of me when I entered the car show venue with rows of hot cars, and hot models, and hot vendors, plus later on hot actions!

Irwindale Speedway was The Perfect Location

Irwindale Speedway has been in many reincarnations over different managements. They are the gem in the San Gabriel Valley, or the greater Los Angeles region for being a dedicated speedway setup. 

The vast empty parking provided an ideal car show venue for the sprawling space to accommodate all encompassing presences and actions, including cars, vendors, model lounges, rest areas, parking, speed racing, and car stunt shows.

Home-Coming Racewars LA 

Due to the global and detrimental US pandemic, the car show industry was ground to the halt with almost zero event happenings. Now the vaccine prevails and pandemic recedes, we are seeing a big bloom of car shows, like stacked up over the weekends with one another overlapping the few slots of precious weekend time. 

Racewars LA is great at finding the time slot that others don't have much concurrent events going, and it's a the two-year home-coming event for the show. The organizer did a great job in getting everybody together and showing them a good time to spend and celebrate the milestone event! 

Dedicated Car Enthusiasts and Model Photography Hobbiests

The Racewars LA 2021 had a wonderful combinations of car owners and car enthusiasts to share their experiences of cars and details and stories. 

At the same time, the model lounge provided a photographer concentration point with many new face models and flocking photographers. It's a fun scene to observe. 

The Touring Model, Model Lounge, and Vendor Models

Racewars Touring Model, Sam

Sam is the 2021 Racewars official touring model across various geographical events. We had the great opportunity to work with her briefly at the car show. She's been posted several times in our Wheels Wednesday stories and we always welcome her presence here in SoCal!


Big Model Lounge

This time's model lounge was crowded with many models. Many of them are not quite the familiar faces that we have seen, but they are all welcome. 


R1-Concept, Grixmo, Shark Squad 

R1-Concept being a major sponsor of the show, had several models hosted in their station, making them a grand booth to visit. 


At the same time, the new company Grixmo from the long time friend has entered the great media coverage in major motorsports including indie car racing and others. 

Shark Squad also brought in several models to show their support of this wonderful car show. 

The Competition Cars and Show Cars

Many cool show cars

Even though the weather was unforgiving, the cars that showed up to support the show and aimed to win a trophy from the competitions, gave us a great glimpses of the current car show scene and the types of mods that they do to their cars. 

The types of cars at the show were pretty across various types but JDM ruled the place. There were many Japanese branded cars at the show, and they showed off their various engine compartment enhancements as well as interior upgrades. 


Racing and Car Stunt Actions

Car Races and Stunts 

Racewars is not a show without car racing. Irwindale is a perfect setup for races with multiple race tracks and stunt showing. The loud noises made by the whipping by car racing was a crowd drawer and adrenaline rusher. We did witness the mighty motor that a Tesla has which can be real fun to watch during races. It's just awesome.


Even though it was a very high temperature venue, that did not stop the crowd coming to Racewars LA 2021. The show is an easy navigation, tons of fun, parades of models, as well as key vendors showing up at the venue. 

We had so much fun that we look forward tot he next one next year already! Great job guys!!

Here are more coverage photos from the W&HM's in-person coverage:


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