Highlights of Spocom San Diego 2021 #spocom

W&HM Cover Model Charise Jeanine Happily Photographed
at the 2021 Spocom San Diego

Big Spocom Show San Diego Welcomed Back Real 2021 Car Show Season

★ On-Location Coverage, Photographed and Reported by Py Pai / Wheels and Heels Magazine / www.wheelsandheelsmag.com

Spocom San Diego 2021 

2021 has been a brutal come back season for car shows, after the pure death of car show 2020. In the surging and unrelenting pandemic waves, shows were dropped left and right since 2020 all the way to the Fall of this year. Spocom Anaheim could not avoid the hit wave, and had to cancel since it's a strict measures against trade shows. 

Luckily we have Spocom San Diego here that houses cars and models and vendors in 50/50 spreads between convention hall space and its outdoor venue. The hot but dry San Diego weather provided a baking outdoor challenge, while heated the indoor hall air. However, the hosting Spocom team has risen to the occasion and provided a fantastic season opener for long waiting car enthusiasts and models / model photographers. 

It's as if the whole southern California car community has been waiting for the event. The competition car spaces have been sold out long time ago. The model lounge is bulging with many models. Vendors brought in tons of stuffs that mostly covered every square inch space on their tables. 

It's a great show!

Disclaimer: due to the ongoing pandemic and for safety concern of just internationally traveled me, I could only cover mostly the outdoor venue activities. Huge apology to the organizer and the readers that I could not bring the indoor stage actions to you here. Hopefully next time, it will be fully covered with lots of awesome photos! 

Spocom Model Lounge

The famous Spocom model lounge is having a huge turn out. Not only models coming from local talent pools, there were also models from central California and other places. We were very happy to see these great talents gathered in such a festive atmosphere. 


We saw our featured models, including Charise Jeanine (top), and Daisy Doan, Vernizy, and many other models that made the model lounge so fun and a high focal point of the show! 

Here are many more models from the model lounge: 


Understandably, there were not as many vendor models as convention has used to be. Still Toyo Tires and Team Hybrid carried their great tradition and brought their models to the show. And of course, Big Abe is the icon of import car shows and has his own shop now too! 


Competition and Exhibit Modified Cars

There we re many highly articulated modified cars at the show. Not only from the supercars like Corvette, or to the vintage Japanese show pieces, the full spectrum of modified culture is in full display. 

We saw many new cars that we have not covered before. Many of them are super elaborate and visually enticing. It's as if the relief money from the government has been used in a beautiful and good places. 

There were just many cars packed in both the convention hall and the outside venue. There is no way to do a complete coverage of all the cars there, so we chose some of the most eye-catching works here. 


Enthusiastic Vendors at the Show

Since car show season was just majorly kicked open, many vendor could not wait to bring in as many merchandises to the show. We could see table by table, they were full of all types of accessories and decorations for car owners. They provided a great show of how cars can be enhanced just by a few bucks. 

Here are some of the photos of vendors outside the convention hall, BEFORE the show began. Once the flood gate was open, they were packed with people and money-exchanging actions.  


Conclusion of Spocom San Diego 2021

The overall was such a success that totally restored the car show community faith in car shows. It could not be a more perfect and relaxing car show for a sunny poster-perfect southern California Saturday. 

Our hats off to the team Spocom that put together this great show, despite all the challenges that came through various shows and forms. They made it happen and it was beautifully done. Bravo bravo!! 

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