C-DUB Tech, Never Gapped Car Show at Anaheim 2021 Big Highlights #nevergapped

C-Dub Tech's "Never Gapped" Car Show Hosted a Wonderful Time for Car and Model Lovers at Anaheim 2021

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Never Gapped Car Show 

This is an interesting car show on a hot Southern California Saturday afternoon in the familiar Anaheim GardenWalk parking lot top level. We've never been to C-Dub Tech car meets or shows before. This is a great opportunity to be familiar with them. 

To a degree, Anaheim GardenWalk has become the de facto car show venue. It has hosted many car shows already. That makes the car show more homey and familiar to us. Even though it's under the scorching sun, all the key exciting elements were there and never ceased to generate part vibes and lots of fun. 

Even though the participating rate may not be as high or dense as other high profile car events, it has all the great components of a great car show, including cars from different clubs and types, busting model lounge with abundant models, sound-blaring stage as well as vendor participations. This show is totally scalable! 

Show Attending Cars

This car show has as a great integration of different cars from all over the country. We have seen American domestic muscle cars as well as European people's car VW brand cars and Japan domestic modified / JDM plus several other flavors of the car companies. Since the car ownership ratio is high compared to attendees, to the attendee benefit they can spend a lot of time study various cars, doing car talking with other car owners and club owners and members had ample time of bonding too. 

Participating cars came from all parts of the country and we have seen cars from as far as Michigan, Georgia and they're all well classified into various different places.  we have the SD Stangs car club coming in to showcase their muscle cars, taking a major presence of the show. 

Also there is an Al and Ed's Autosound team brought their big booming sound in a petite red Scion xB. The sound system blasted car music that you could  literally feel like the concert big speakers at the ear-deafening level of sound. This is incredible from those small side speakers that generated a eardrum-vibrating, head-spinning feet-jumping, and body-oscillating volume. If you have a car like this sound system, you can always have an instant party anywhere you go.  


TF Model Lounge by John Fujinami

The TF Model Lounge has grown to be the major force in the import modeling industry. The consistent presences of named models, and the additions of new faces, all made this model lounge a main attraction at car shows. Our hats off to the owner, John Fujinami, as he is such an organized, methodical, and disciplined owner, that runs the model lounge really pristine. 

This time, we saw some familiar faces that were from the past car shows not so far distance in a memory as well as freshly first time in the car show car models. it's such a great mixture of the new faces and happy faces and they were all ready for you to take pictures with. 

Since the model ration to attendee was super high, it's a great set up for photographers to take their time to get good shots without too much distracting walker-bys or accidental photo bombers. 

At the show, we met Phi Tu, Trixie Gogo, Tinamary, Carli, Juliette Santana, Nec Bae, Lilly (@lilly2silly), Brooklyn Babie, Faith Mcquade. 

There were too many models that came in at different times, so we may not have covered everybody from the beginning to the end. Our professional perfectionism failed... 


Vendor Participation 

It's always good to see vendors participating in car shows. We pleasantly saw Firm 400 and Kuya merchandise stores at the show. They were always awesome at shows and are like our old friends now. There were also Itasha and Japanese art decoration stand that they brought in their their car and merchandise to liven up the whole scene. And of course, Al and Ed's ultra-powerful sound system at the show not only impressed all people attendees, but probably also the patrons at the shopping complex, or even the hotel guests around the block. 

Overall it's a very fun events with different vendors to entertain the audience and attendees. 

A Great and Hot So-Cal Saturday Afternoon Fun

Never Gapped is a wonderful car show and we totally enjoyed the community for all types of cars from American domestic Japanese domestic to European people cars. Thanks to TF model lounge by John Fujinami we got a chance to meet many new models as well as consistent models. We got the time and space and chance to to great shots to bring them to you. 

We thank the car organizer for bringing together a wonderful car show and we totally look forward to the next one has great combination of cars and models and vendors and performances! 

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