Ark Movement and Autism Awareness Car Show Car Kicked Started 2021 Car Show Season

2021 Car Show Season Has Started with CA Opening for Outdoor Car Shows with ARK Movement and Autism Awareness Car Show

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2021 ARK Movement and Autism Awareness Car Show

We did not expect the ARK movement car show to be this big. We were still reeling from last year car meet in a petite parking lot next to a warehouse. This year, it is a major car show on the rooftop of the The Garden Walk parking structure near Disneyland. 

This is the first major car show in the 2021 year, a recovering year from the grueling 2020 non-car-show year. It's like all car show animals just came out in drove from their hibernations.

From the sheer size of the cars, vendors, and attendees, we could tell that it's a huge release of highly bottled up car show energy gathered during the 2020 pandemic no-car-show season. 

The most concerned aspect of the show is about masking from the everybody at the show. We did an eyeball survey and it seemed to be roughly 70% of people are following the rules. It gave us a decent reassurance that people are rational, sensical, and have common respect to others. We applaud people's decency in public gathering.

John Fujinami and Kuya Model Lounge

Models from the John Fujinami and Kuya had a big turn-out, beyond the organizers' expectations. Originally it was planned just a handful of models to the show. It turned out that many models love to come out to this major show and more than two dozens models showed up.

Named and New Models

We totally love to see many familiar faces, as well as some new faces too, including 
Phi Tu, Chelsea Mae, Daisy Doan, Vee Marie, djk_muz, Big Abe, Krissy-Nicole, Lilly Evans, Sabrina Banks, Charleen Perez, @baobunnie, @baobunnie, @avahz33, Danica Belle, and more!

Show Cars

The cars at the show were full lines of all kinds of modified cars. This is a full blown car show attendance. 

So-Cal Teslat Club

We were especially impressed by the So-Cal Tesla Club with their 8 show cars of different mods. They presented individual touches to their crafts and showmanship. Many have unexpected styling that catches everybody's eyes.

Itasha Cars

Many Itasha or Itasha-insipred cars were at the show, totally showing the Asian theme in this car show. This trend is growing bigger and bigger!

Cool Modded Cars

There were so many cars with many that we have covered in the past, as well as new cars that were arresting people's attention!

Many Many Vendor Participations 

Many familiar vendors returned to the show. We asked some of our vendor buddies about their 2020 and their outlooks of 2021. They all pretty much agreed that 2020 was a tough year, but 2021 is looking very bright. Everybody just cannot wait to get back to car shows and continue this wonderful culture and enhanced community.

It's great to see so many vendors at the show. It totally demonstrated that the car show culture is flourishing after the big 2020 freeze. We are foreseeing the great 2021 come-back soon!!

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