Totally Fun Racewars Car Event at Fontana Autoclub Speedway, by W&HM

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2020 Racewars Fontana Gave a Wonderful Sunday Afternoon to Car Lovers, Speed Racers and Glamour Models!

2020 Intenrational Women's Day

The 2020 International Women's Day was on Sunday, and it provided a great backdrop of the 2020 Racewars Car Racing and Car Show at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA.

The weather was a crispy early Spring comfort, speckled with light clouds and gentle warm air with occasional gusts of wind.  It was a picture perfect car show set up.

Thanks to our feature model Kerry Rose, we were at the show running up and down covering the event.  Kerry is such a wonderful friend and model that always shows her genuine self and passion for fashion!  She is totally awesome, which goes beyond saying!

The event was filled with loud noises from the concurrent racing and speaker-blasting music.  It's totally festive and uplifting to spend an easy Sunday afternoon, temporarily away from the daily scares of coronavirus.

W&HM Feature Models and Model Lounge and Vendor Models

The models at the model lounge as well as the vendors, were all over the map.  There were many models in presence, but the winners we took most photos are our feature models, Kerry Rose and Lilly Evans.  They both possess that fashion model quality in them.  They know how to pose, how to look great in camera, and were so cooperative to work with!  They and other models totally made our life a lot easier and high enjoyable too!

After the photo sessions with Lilly Evans, we found an amazing set of photos that we took.  We are considering to start our print magazine with pure event overage photos that are stunning, pleasing and totally refreshing!  So definitely look for them in the near future!

Attending Show Cars

The cars at the show were many in the making of fully customized cars.  You can tell that people have invested their first dip to the vast water of modified culture.  You can see some really sleek setups and then many eager early starters in the transformation.  It's a joy to see people having fun, talking about cars and rides, and enjoying their picnicking at the event.  It's a festival for sure!

Car Sound Off Competition 

In the middle of the event, they had a sound off competition, and it was intense.  With many people around the cars competing for the loudest combustion blasts, it was sure a highlight of the event, and brought he high of the car noise enthuastists!

Overall, it's such a wonderful event that we had a wonderful time and totally look forward to the next show here!  Great job guys!!

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So many models at the event, and we only covered a small portion of them!!

Many show cars at the event.  It was totally packed!