Highlights of Day 3 at SEMA 2019 - We Found Even More Our Cover and Featured Models!, by W&HM #sema #sema2019

It's so incredible to see so many of our cover models and feature models, even more at Day 3!  And so many familiar faces that we long to see again are here too!  This year's SEMA is one of the best!

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We are so happy to see so many our featured models at SEMA show this year.  Even at Day 3, we still find them more and it's always a wonderful reunion!  At the top is Constance Nunes, and here we have Kayla Barton, Zari Chacon, Christina Riordan, Jess Harbour, Brittaini Paige, Lyna Sparks, Christina Riordan (again yay!), Ashley Twomey, Zari and Brittaini and Alyssa, Dani Lang, and Jessica Diane, as well as Hanna Ferraez, Veronika, and Ashley Wilke!

And of course, there are many more models that are super famous and wildly popular as well.  We did our best to capture them all, but deep in our heart, there are still many, maybe like 40% out there that we failed to capture in our camera. 
Nonetheless, our hats off to all these amazing models that showed up at the highly regarded SEMA show and brought the attendees moments of fun and relaxation after total technical bombardments, as well as vendors that hired these awesome talents to extend their brand reach and enhance their presence across all social media and people's shop walls.

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