History Making Record Breaking Exciting 2019 Formula Drift Irwindale Championship Run, by W&HM @formuladrift

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The History Has Been Made at The Highly Successful 2019 Formula Drift Irwindale Championship Title Fight Final Round

The main event date Saturday, October 19, is a nail biting qualifying and championship making final round of 2019 Formula Drift season.  The weather was simply just gorgeous and could not be more better than this Southern California soothing warmth with gentle breezes in Irwindale Speedway.  This time after the qualifying runs, the things got really serious as many things are on the line like never before.  The the fans were super excited the seats were all sold out.  You can feel the tightness in the air as it was going to be a major historical day.

Professional Formula Drift Racing Cars

The professional drifting cars are the superman version of cars.  They are equipped with high powered engines, which are several times over the normal stock car engines with custom air flow fuel control and sophisticated electronics.  They are simply a wonder of automobile technology.

We have seen several Championship cards including James Deane, Fredric Aasbo and others.  Just by looking at them it's just nothing but amazement.  Different car companies and their racing teams can come up with totally different designs there are competing for the same goal.  With the expert drifting race drivers handling them like a glove, it's a beautiful machinery integration and performance.

Our Cover Models and Feature Models and More Show Models 

It's so wonderful to see many more models present at the main event day.  We were extremely happy to see our cover models Christina Riordan, Jess Harbor, Arley Elizabeth and our feature models Bethany Gragg, Alliyah B, Ashley Harrell, Miss Lin Yeh, and Bianca Stam.

It's never a dull moment to meet Nitto Tire model Courtney Riggs and Leanna Decker. The Expo area this is such a happy event that with the sold out crowd.  It really gave the Formula Drift championship event a great festive and celebratory atmosphere!

Here is a super light moment with Nitto Tire girls Leanna Decker and Courtney Riggs

Vendor Display Cars, Especially So Many Brand New Toyota Supra

The newly revived Toyota Supra just came out this year was the darling model of the vendor show cars.  The cars are made in Austria by BMW team for Toyota.  The Japanese and German technology and manufacturing processes produced this work of art.  In fact it's so hot that many vendors brought their versions of Toyota Supra to the show.  It was almost like a Toyota Supra modified car.

There were many other cars are also in various modifications and shapes for the attendees to check out and share their war stories and love of souped up cars.

Exciting Qualifying Drifting Races

The drifting races are always with high volume of anticipation, full of surprises, and tons of sensory attacks, just what a motorsports fan wants!  Just looking at these professional drivers driving their 1000+ horsepower metal combination at high acceleration and incredible speed, one-on-one against each experienced other.  This is such an adrenaline rush and hair tingling sensation!

The Grand Opening Ceremony of Formula Drift Title Fight 2019

The opening ceremony happened right after Sunset under the beautiful and smoky amber sky.  The VIP fans got a chance to walk the track and feel the tire-worn surface and meet their beloved drivers in person.
The swear in ceremony just confirmed the additional new blood to our military force, and the national anthem was angelically sung, with the full crowd standing all across.
Drivers by their precious race car were teamed up with their sponsor umbrella girls.  This just provided a perfect picture setup, a very memorable moments.  The fans reacted to each driver introduced with their loud voices and thunderous clapping.  And these top professional drivers reacted to their fans and the media folks with full enthusiasm.  All these happy moments were concluded with grand fireworks and the history making moment to come.

The History Was Made Right at The Height of Formula Drift Irwindale Title Fight Races

Yes, we cannot stop talking about this history making happening.  History has been made and record has been broken and the new champion of Formula Drift has been established by James Dean from Worthouse.  The Irishman worked tirelessly, consistently, and relentlessly to win the record breaking title for repeating the champion for three consecutive years.  In the history of Formula Drift, there have been two-time champions, but never three times, and back to back to back!  James Deane fought hard against the never-relent Forrest Wang.  The race was so tight and hard the races were run three times in order to determine the winner of that particular race.  Because James Deane has accumulated so many points over the races throughout the year that he just needed to win over Forrest Wang to clench it.  However Forrest did not give it up so easily to let him win outright.  The fought and fought and fought and sometimes Forrest had an upper hand.  At the 3rd run, James Deane has performed so flawlessly that broke the race quagmires and claimed his record breaking champion title.  This is a record to be held for a long time as we can see.

2019 Formula Drift a Great Season Finale
This year's Formula Drift has been a nothing but fun and exciting season.  With capturing the record breaking run, we felt that we are part of the great history in the making and made us more proud of the Formula Drift series.  We appreciate the Formula Drift organization made this year's events well run and accommodation to us the media folks.  We look forward to the next year's new season already!