Great Coverage of Sweet 2019 Spocom San Diego, @spocom #spocomsd, by W&HM

picture: Miss Lin Yeh and Asia Kristine, W&HM feature models, for RSR Road + Street + Race Wheels at 2019 Spocom San Diego

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A Wonderful Car Show Carries Grand Tradition of Spocom The Top Southern California Car and Lifestyle Show

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2019 Spocom San Diego at Del Mar Fairgrounds 

Spocom San Diego is a part of the Spocom Tour car show and lifestyle expo that has long tradition of being the southern California top car show.  This is the second year of the making and it's our first time to attend.  It's every bit of the Anaheim super show at a slightly smaller scale of the venue and presence.  Nonetheless, it's just about the level of fun and enjoyment, as well as quality of the participating parties.

Every Spocom show is always a great pleasure to cover.  This year's San Diego show, being our fist, is indeed a total blast in every aspect that not only there are many awesome cars in display but there are also many models from the San Diego area that we are happy to see again or meet at the first time.

We are ecstatic to see our feature and cover models, Miss Lin Yeh, Asia Kristine, and Hanna Ferraez at the show, and they are looking stunning as always!

Spocom Model Lounge 

The famous model lounge at the Spcoom shows is always a sought-after spot of the show.  At any given time, you would see people hovering around the fortress by tables, either taking pictures, exchanging social media information, or chatting and catching up.  It's one of the most lively scene of the show.

As mentioned earlier, there are many models at the show that we have met over the years, and it's always great to see them again. There are so many to catch up, such as learning that Tamiko Lee is traveling like a jet setter and she totally loves it, and Leenda Lucia is solidly settled here now in San Diego from the cold cold east coast, and let's wish that we will see Daisy Doan at the SEMA show this year too!

There are also new faces that we did not get a chance to meet before, and they are totally a blast to capture images with!

Spocom Show Cars 

The cars in the show are very exciting to see.  Inside the convention hall the lights were dimmer and provided the perfect lighting environment for those cars with blinking headlights or side lights.  There are like dancers across the rows of cars, reminding us about Bellagio's water fountain dance with the loud music in the background.  It was very fun to watch.

At the outside outdoor location there were many high performance cool cars and highly modified to the vintage and classics.  This is the kind of the car show that you can take your sons and daughter to and they would probably appreciate without many part numbers and tuning techniques.

With that, it does not mean the car show is not deep in tech.  You would find many awesome and famous cars at the show, and the sheer presence of these amazing cars, it's made the Spocom SD a great car show to proven yourself and your car.

Miss Spocom San Diego Bikini Contest

The bikini contest of Miss Spocom San Diego is very entertaining event.  We know that Miss Spocom bikini contest is a highly praised event, so the model selection is very strict.  We could virtually say that all the models on the stage are simply beautiful and stunning.  This is not an easy feast to assemble for a bikini contest.

The procession was quick and efficient, and there was no dragging on at all.  We highly appreciate this format and applaud the organizer and the hostess.  Throughout the competition, we were impressed by many models on stage, not only by their awesome physiques, but also there stage personalities.  They were totally the girls next door, but not the shy type.  It's the sweet spot we say!

When all the applauds and whistles were settled, emerging were the top winner, Sam Farreaez.  It was a close call but the crowd has prevailed their voices casting the deciding votes.

2019 Spocom San Diego, a Great Success!

When we looked back the Spocom San Diego show on the way back from San Diego to Los Angeles, we could still hear the festive atmosphere in our ears, and the visual dazzles that imprinted in our minds.  It's such an enjoyable show that we don't mind driving 3 hours from Los Angeles to attend and do the coverage.

The models are beautiful and the cars are exciting and the bikini contest is top-notch and it's a very pleasant hosting all across since this is the last location of the Spocom tour this year.  It exhumed a  relaxed and celebratory feel in it and it's always a great show to go to.

We totally look forward to the next year's again at this location at San Diego.  Keep up the amazing work Spocom teams!  You guys rock!!