Big Highlights of Off-Road Expo Pomona 2019 @OffRoadExpo, by W&HM #offroadexpo

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Off Road Expo Pomona

This year's Off Road Expo Pomoona at Pomona Fairplex was under a bit uncharacteristic so-Cal weather condition, an overcast key with drizzles from here to there.  However, it set up the dramatic backdrop to the many loud and bold product displays as well as adrenaline pumped activities throughout the the show venue.

Even at the opening hour, there was a big crowd roaming around the whole place already.  That's a strong show of the support and passion about the off road lifestyle.  They all looked like they are having a great weekend already even at the early Saturday morning.

All across the expo venue, vendors were everywhere, which shows  a strong support of the expo and the market demand has been kept strong for many years and no sign of slowing down.  Every corner we turned, and every alleyway we ventured, there were vendors friendly and enthusiastically engaging show attendees, with all information and fun facts and dramatic histories.  This is like the Disneyland for the off road folks for all the fun and possibilities there are of outdoorsy lifestyle.

With food and drinks vendors strategically placed, it's a great family time to spend over this great expo weekend.

Promotional Models

We were so happy to see many of our cover and feature models were present at the expo.  This is almost like a family reunion!  We have seen Christina Riordan, Zari Chacon, Dani Lang, Jenny Duarte, Athena Love, as well as many other awesome models!  We were so happy to capture their beauty at the show and bring their sponsoring vendors to highlights!

Show Vehicle Presences

There were so many vendors at the expo and dazzling arrays of trucks and jeeps and ATVs and many kinds of off road vehicles.  If you are remotely interested in the outdoor activities, this would be the place to help you get there regardless of the terrains and rocks.

Many of the vehicles have prominent coloring outside, and strong body parts to boast their presence.  From the external decals to the super suspensions required to conquer peaks and valleys, plus desert cross big engines and fans.  It's just a galore of all things not-indoor.

We caught up with Mike Barnett, the owner of Jeepspeed, sponsored by General Tire, a desert racing series.  Mike told us that this has been almost 20 years in running, from a small group of enthusiasts to now high dozens of participants today.  They race all across the country, and mainly in the Spring and Fall time for the best challenges and time of the year.  The prizes are getting bigger and bigger too.  And the community is getting bigger and tighter.  People love to help each other out and see the best person to win.  This is definitely a race that any desert racing lover would eye on and be part of it.

We also met up Pittman Outdoor company that produce the biggest display of truck tents in the Off-Road Expo this year.  The sheer size of the tents on top, on the sides, and extended, would impress an RV owner, yet it's compact and requires little storage space.  When we climbed up to the tent, it's huge!  It's like a mini bedroom on top of the truck.  And their air mattresses have indents that fit a truck bed with wheel bulk consideration.  The tough fabric can withstand BBQ sauce spilled on them, and the self-supplied rechargeable air compressor can pump the mattress in about two minutes.  Totally it's for families for outdoor fun, and can be a snap, rather than a commitment to a large vehicle.


There were many activities concurrently going while the product browsing and loud music playing with the crowd.  The unmistakable engine noises and smokes from both the exhausts and dirt flipped by tough tires, drew layers of crowds.  The kid racing was basically a fun and free-will race that these kids run a terrain course.  While doing the runs, they would do donuts and jumps over the humps, and all kinds of tricks.  Not only the parents were excited, the staff and the spectators were super amused too.  All were great fun to young drivers and to the people around them.

The off road experience ride along was an experience to confirm the excitement of rock climbing and vehicle tilting over dirt and rocks.  It's like a slow roller coaster ride that got your heart pumping faster, without the nauseating stomach churning speed.


Off-Road Expo every year is such a great event and major event for us to pleasantly cover.  The organization of the event, and media provisions were simply awesome.  We highly applaud the team making this happen.

The expo is a great success again this year and we continue to see the stable trend of off road enthusiasm and culture through this awesome show.  We totally look forward to next year's already!