Big Highlights of The Cool 2019 Wekfest LA by W&HM

2019 Wekfest Celebrates Another Year of Spectacular Shows at Los Angeles Convention Center

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Ultra Cool Import Car Show in a Hot Hot LA Summer Day

Wekfest has always been a premiere JDM import (mainly) car show across the modified car community in both the US and in Japan.  This time at the severely heated Los Angeles downtown, Wekfest has housed their car show inside the LA Convention Center.  Under the cool air conditioning hall, cars were lined up beautifully and compactly.  Vendor booths were dappled across the vast convention center hall.  The music was in full blast and the crowd was having a good time checking out cars, products, and models.

Featured Models at Wekfest

As the tradition, Wekfest does not really host a model lounge / table like other shows, but the sheer amount of models brought by the vendors was very comparable to other major shows in the southern Cal region.  We met many of our featured models as well as familiar faces.  It's a great and cozy and fun event that definitely worth a hot summer Sunday afternoon.

The High Mod Culture of Wekfest Show Cars

The cars are the true stars in Wekfest.  We often find some of the unique cars that we haven't seen in other car shows, big or small.  The exclusive power of the Wekfest's clout has really generated enviable showings of those special cars that you can only see at the show.  This makes the show special and a must-attend car show if you are into the JDM mod culture.

More and More Awesome Models

There were so many models at the show, we even missed quite a few of them.  Just when we thought we have seen all the models at the show, and left the convention center, we met more models on the way out!  This is such a traditionally awesome show of the long lineage of import car shows that we are so happy to attend every year and enjoy the good old tradition that we missed more and more.

Eye-Catching JDM and Modified Car Presences

The car modification and upgrade market force is in full display on the hundreds of cars in Wekfest. Not only the tuning of the engines under the hood, the exterior department, there were more and more instagram-worthy looks that just beg to be photographed.  The money and efforts and time spent on these means the bragging rights to peers and proud production of love of cars. We highly applaud their dedication and passion!

We totally look forward to the next year's return already!  Great job guys!!