Marvelous Show of 2019 Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day Highlights

The 7th Year of Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day (2019) with Drivingline at Angel Stadium Anaheim, Made a Great Splash Entrance to a Fun Summer

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The Great Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day (AED) with Drivingline

On this Saturday in June before Father's day with such the wonderful venue in the Angel Stadium parking lot and under the beautiful so-Cal sky, Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day (AED) with Drivingline brought a great car show that has shared their passion of cars and motorsports for the last 7 years with free admission to general public.  This year it carries this wonderful tradition and showcases many modified and custom cars from vendors and car lover owners.  Many companies setup their booths and cars, offering expert knowledge, doing product demonstration and in-person product trials.  Show attendees were eager to find out what they can do more about their cars, or car owners trade their stories and experiences.  With music blaring into the air, people crisscross many lanes of product showcases and freebie offerings.  It's a wonderful day for car enthusiasts and their families to spend on the Saturday before the Father's day.

And it's not just a static car show or showcase.  Nitto AED has allocated a large chunk of Angel Stadium's parking lot to run professional motorsports demos.  Either there were ramp jump-off with ride-along guests or smoking drifting competitions.  At one time we even saw three cars drifting concurrently, which we have never seen in the Formula Drift format for the 10+ years of coverage.

Promotional Personality Presences

We're so excited to see our cover model Ashley Twomey again and we also met up with our feature model Lin Yeh, as she is always so awesome to work with.  It's been a long time since we last featured her so we are definitely planning something with her soon!  There are other cool models including the breakout model Cara Mia and a new face from Northeast, Leenda Lucia. Leenda drove all the way here in 4 days just very very recently and now anchors at San Diego area to conquer the modeling world on the west coast.

The Grand Car Show and Vendor Showcases

Some of the cars at the car show are very exciting to see, being highly modified, totally exotic, fully covered with dirt, outdoor camping ready, or never been released to the public, highly graphical.  It's a feast of cars for all tastes and styles of car lovers.

Many show cars have exciting outside display with beautiful paint jobs or very well-designed body wraps ranging from power motif on some of the muscle cars to delicate Itasha cars' Japanese anime or Manga graphics.

Big Truck and Off Road Wonderland

There is a big section of trucks and off road vehicles to show their gigantic and marvelous setup.  The total outdoorsmanship equipment and gadgets, they are ready to conquer any terrains out there in the mountains and the valleys.  This is such an exciting display of off road lifestyle that has unlimited possibility with their gears.  You can sleep you can sleep in the car and you can cook in many of these cars.  With some CB radios on dashboards communicating with the world make it pretty much that you can do everything within your truck-office-crib-home.  With these, you can definitely free yourself and let you explore more adventurous experience for your life without being tied down to a hotel location or an office cubicle.  The whole world is literally within your reach with such these wonderful setups.

High-Impact and Thick-Smoking Motorsports Demos

In drifting actions we have some really famous Formula Drift champions came to the show to support this evening.  They did an excellent drifting actions on the parking lot for all spectators to woo and wow.  They definitely impressed and excited the rows and rows of people along the fence who are trying to take pictures or witnessed some awesome actions.

We also have ATVs that accommodate some of the ride along guests to experience first in person of ramp jumps and skidding and drifting activities and that by itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Not many people have such opportunities and it's a honor badge to wear for sure.

An Awesome Car Show That We Look Forward To The Next Year's

Before we conclude we want to give a shout out to the management team for the great event that they put together.  Abigail has been a tremendously helpful public relationship manager to us, with the wonderful work that she has done for us and making us doing our jobs easier and more efficiently.  Our hats off to Abigail and thank you all!

With the closing time, the smoke was still being generated, while the sun was setting, the complete feeling of the Nitto Tire AED has fulfilled our expectation of a wonderful and relaxing and exciting car show.  We love how the show is full of vendors, cool cars, and promotional activities, and great attendee participation.  It's a very happy Saturday family car show that we look forward to the next year's event already!  Great job guys!!

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